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How excited were you to see The Purge last summer? I was so excited that I couldn't see straight. Ethan Hawke was still riding high on the Sinister train, Lena Headey had won over our black hearts with her amazing performance in Dredd and the entire concept of a yearly purge was genius. So, what happened? I can only speak for myself when I say that I was severely disappointed. There were a few good moments, but it felt more like an opinion piece on race and social standing than a home invasion flick. Despite this let down, I became excited after viewing the trailer for The Purge:Anarchy only to be let down, again, when they pushed the release date back almost a month.

Well, tonight is finally the night and I will enter the theatre just as excited as I was for the first film. Here's to hoping it will be as fun as it looks. Are you looking forward to [The Purge: Anarchy](movie:995841) ?


Are you going to opening night of The Purge: Anarchy?


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