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So apparently FX is mad at Filmmaker Kellen Moore, or so rumor has it. He doesn't work for FX, but he is a just a HUGE fan of the show. The rumors caused his fanvid of the Fallen Angel and creepy clown to go viral. Fans thought it was real, but sadly it isn't. As for myself, I was tricked into thinking it was real as well. Now that is some serious skills as a filmmaker if you can pull this off.

Cosmopolitan did an article and interview with Kellen Moore about this whole debacle:

Except it wasn't really very AHS, because it wasn't a real promo at all, which FOX network representatives soon made clear in a statement. Instead, it's the work of 26-year-old filmmaker and ardent American Horror Story fanboy Kellen Moore and his team. Moore spoke with about his love of all things Ryan Murphy, how and why the promo came about, and also why it's since disappeared from YouTube. (Spoiler: He blames FOX.)
"In film school they teach you how to make movies, obviously, but it's this very stereotyped, old-fashioned idea that if you go ahead and make good work, you're going to be set as a filmmaker and that's that. I graduated about two years ago from Chapman University in California, and boom, [I'm] thrown into the real world workplace where it is nearly impossible to book anything as a director starting out. That's why everyone goes and does internships, takes assistant-level jobs, and becomes Hollywood slaves. How else do you get a start in this business?

The guy also did Bates Motel!? Which by the way, was a pretty kick-ass fan made promo too!

"I didn't want to do that 'traditional route' — I just wanted to keep directing. But the work I've done since graduating, for the most part working with brands and agencies, is miserable — you don't get control and you don't get a voice. I have always been a huge fan of promo work and of amazing title sequences. So I had this crazy idea: Why don't I just go ahead and make these promos? Sure, they're not official but I should just do them ... and make people think they're official. [At the time] I was a big fan of the A+E show Bates Motel, so I made a promo to promote the show's second season — the Internet received it as the real deal.

And now because of this attention he received, he has FX's attention as well. The question is, will he be getting hired by FX for future work or will this talented guy just have to keep making fan videos of his favorite shows? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they take him on for this season!


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