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There are several characters announced, and requested for the DCCU, that have yet to be cast. Well, DC fans, here's our chance to live out a fantasy of choosing those roles. Shall we begin?

I'll start with Mr. Freeze:


Benedict Cumberbatch or Michael Fassbender?

Both of these fantastic actors have experience playing heinous villains, and characters seeking revenge, or to protect those close to them. Cumberbatch can pull of the calm and collected psycho, as can Fassbender. Need proof? Go watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and the more recent X-Men movies. And they both have a good voice for it. Just listen to Smaug in a Hobbit trailer.



Gemma Arterton or Emily Blunt

I personally, am rooting for Arterton after seeing that she can pull off kicking butt in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters fighting alongside Hawkeye himself. As for Blunt, she's an equally good actress, and we know there are legions pulling for her.

DC Role #3: Shazam/Captain Marvel:


Brandon Molale or Patrick Warburton?

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan):


Nathan Fillion or Ryan Reynolds?

Fillion can definitely do space heroes, just watch him as Capt. Mal Reynolds in Firefly if you don't believe me. And Reynolds has experience with the character, even if the movie was poorly written. Just give the guy a chance, huh?

Martian Manhunter:


Djimon Hounsou or The Rock?



Mila Kunis or Eva Green?

Kunis is just from my opinion, and Green is a suggestion I read on Whatculture that would actually work pretty well.



Jared Padalecki or Sam Claflin?

Padalecki is on the poll because he's just a great actor, with plenty of chops for an action role. Claflin is there because he's young, a good actor, and really, I just needed a second option for Padalecki.

Jason Todd:


Jensen Ackles or Daniel Radcliffe?

Ackles can pull off the tough, Red Hood side of Jason if they plan to bring him to the screen in that form. Radcliffe could do Jason's pre-death time.

Well, Pilots, that wraps this edition of DCCU Fan Casting! Good day!

(Oh, and, please forgive me for sounding biased on some of these. But in truth, a few of them were.)


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