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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what we can expect to see from the upcoming fifth season, set to debut in October. If you wish to remain completely unaware as for what might be coming in the hit zombie apocalyptic series, stop reading this article right now.

Firstly, Kirkman revealed that we would get to know Terminus, and its mysterious residents, a bit more during the premiere episode:

In our first episode, it’s very much going to focus on the story of Terminus. There’s a lot of big revelations that haven’t really come out that I think people are gonna be pretty startled by. There’s a couple other revelations that I think people might’ve gotten a little bit of a lead on. We’ll definitely be defining those in some cool ways and confirming some theories and shooting down others, which is very exciting.

One interesting quote from Kirkman is that he says that 'The Walking Dead' will "hit the ground running," which means that:

...we very quickly deal with the situation that we left them in — this trapped, victim situation where they’re kind of at the mercy of the people of Terminus. We really kind of expand the story from there very rapidly, so I think this is going to be a pretty fast-paced season with quite a bit going on.

This should certainly raise the hopes of those 'The Walking Dead' fans whom did not like the gradual, more character-focused pace the show took during the second half of last season. Personally, I actually loved how Kirkman, Scott Gimple (showrunner) and the rest of the team used each of those episodes to allow us to get to know some of the characters better, like Michonne in "After," or Beth and Daryl in "Still." But, I would definitely not mind it if season five increases the pace a bit more.

Moreover, Kirkman stated that new characters would be introduced in season five, but obviously, he did not divulge any specifics. For instance, he was asked about actor Seth Gilliam, and whether or not the rumors of him playing Father Gabriel (from the comics) are true.

His response is vague, but intriguing (especially so for those of you who have read the comics):

He’s playing a character that’s very integral to the future of The Walking Dead. Who he is is possibly a very large hint to where the story is gonna go, if you’ve read the comic book series. So, we are playing that as close to the vest as the spy photos will allow, but all will be revealed very soon.

I have yet to read the comics, sadly. As a result, I have no idea who this Father Gabriel is, but he is also rumored to have been the one who kidnapped Beth Greene (portrayed by Emily Kinney) in "Alone." There is certainly quite a bit that the show has to address in its fifth season, which makes me want to watch it that much more.

Oh, and as stated by Kirkman, badass Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is BACK!!! He describes the current version of Rick as "more capable" and "more prepared." This is in comparison to the Rick that was battling Philip (a.k.a. the Governor) not too long ago. So, I think it is safe to assume that he does have a plan in mind, which involves escaping from the train compartment first, and then taking out those dreaded "Termites."

I believe that Rick and co. will need help from the outside in order to escape Terminus, and I believe that help will come in the form of Carol and Tyreese:

How the two of them will be of help remains to be seen, but I think that Rick's hidden stash of weapons might play a vital role in Operation Escape the "Termites." All I know is that they will rue the day they ever messed with Team Rick.

Make sure to tune in to AMC this October for the return of The Walking Dead.


How excited are you for season five?

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