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Jerome Maida

Cynthia Rothrock has been the lead in an astonishing 43 action films. Since announcing her comeback, she is scheduled to be in no less than FIVE in the next year or so.

So, given that, it would likely take a lot for a film to be consider her "dream project". A team-up with Jackie Chan? A buddy film with Sylvester Stallone? A role in "Expendables 4"?

Try none of the above.

Rothrock's self-described "dream project" is......."The Peculiar Perils of Penelope Peacock"!

"'The Perils of Penelope Peacock' is my dream movie to shoot", says Rothrock. "It has an amazing story and when you finish seeing it I think everyone will feel good about themselves." This character is the best I can play which will be my best acting role and have incredible fight scenes since the fights all take place in my dreams . Sky's the limit.

Here is how the film is described on it's Indiegogo page:

"What is it that every human craves more than anything in this world? is it not love? Is it not acceptance? Yet some people hide from this very thing. Thinking they are not worthy they hold on to the pains from their early years and create a barrier around their hearts.. this was our Penelope until one day while caring for her young niece she received some handmade books left to her by her beloved Aunt, and it is through this gift that God inspires Penelope to break free from her withdrawn world, as she experiences a series of adventurous dreams, each in a different film genre..."

Those genres include having Rothrock's Penelope become an astronaut, pirate and cowgirl. As the story progresses, not only does she learn and grow in confidence but so does her niece who is the mirror image of Penelope when she was a child. This is a powerful story that seems to have appeal to people of all ages, young and old as we learn to not see ourselves as society sees us, but as God does.

"This character is the best I can play and will be my best acting role", says Rothrock. "I have incredible fight scenes and since the fights all take place in my dreams - the sky's the limit!"


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