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Yesterday, Universal Pictures and Hasbro released the first trailer to Ouija. The new horror film deals with none other then the Ouija Board as a group of teenager discover just how dangerous this spooky game can really be. The trailer is likely a must see for any moviegoer out there, however did this preview showcase a great film for Halloween or just a mediocre scary flick.

From watching this trailer, there was indeed a sense of style behind preview; such as showing off the history of the Ouija Board. However there are some factor working against the preview. For starters, the cast in the movie look like your typical horror characters who just look good but lack a personality. This remains to be seen, but the first impression was not much of...well an impression. The other issue was the overall quality of the trailer. There were parts of the preview that felt like a trailer you would see in the 90's. Hopefully these issue will not be present in the movie's theatrical cut. However, for the time being, preview does not tease a new horror classic .

While some things about this trailer are not great, that is not to say there are not good points about it. While some of the scares weren't terrifying, there were moments that just look eerie. Some of the shots at the end gave a vibe that is similar to Insidious (though with the producer of Insidious a part of Ouija, that may not be shocking). In any case, just by seeing the scares in the trailer, there is a possibility that this film could be a fun horror movie.

While the trailer to Ouija is not the scariest out there, that is not to say it is a bad trailer. The preview does give you everything you need to know about the movie, and there are some creepy moments in the preview. However just because the preview could have been better does not mean Ouija could be a bad film. This horror flick could just as easily be a frightening time at the movies, and the only thing negative about Ouija was its preview. We will have to wait and see.

Ouija is scheduled to hit theaters this Halloween.


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