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"I'm not crying... there's just something in my eye!"

I think we have all said that at least once in our lifetime during an event in our lives that just struck a chord of sadness, whether its from a film, book, commercial (yes I've cried at commercials) or a TV show. It's these moments that we remember forever and still haunts us until this very moment.

With some movies like Titanic (for example) MOST of us at least shed a tear. While others feel like it wasn't that sad (which is unbelievable by the way). To some people, (like me) feel like their heart was just ripped out.

This list is the movie moments I felt were heartbreaking and soul ripping. People might not agree with what I consider to be horribly sad, I only wanted to share what i perceive as very, horrible sad moments I will forever remember and never watch again. In other words...."They haunt me".

There are the obvious tear jerkers: "The Titanic", "Old Yeller" and "The Notebook". However the list I have here are one's you might not think of right away. Obvious to some but forgotten by others.

A little side note. The films I have listed in the post are movies I HAVE seen. I did not want to incorporate movies I have not yet seen. So thus I have not included "Up, Iron Giant, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Road to Terabithia, Where the Red Fern Grows, Watership Down, A Walk to Remember, Marley and Me, and Requiem for a Dream. Those are just SOME of what I know of that are very sad, but have not seen yet.

I also realize The Lion King and The Fox and the Hound, Bambi! among many other Disney and non Disney films are incredibly sad. However I didn't want to turn this into a post about "Children's movies that scarred me for life".

Another side note! None of these are in any particular order.

The Green Mile (1999) - Mr. Jingles and the cringe worthy execution scene.

Meet Mr. Jingles...

Meet Percy Wetmore....

When I first saw this movie I figured like the rest of you, that this obviously wasn't going to be a "happy jail time musical. However, upon the very first moments of watching this film I knew I was in for something grim and depressing. (Good movie though).

I have never in all my life, hated a character so much as I do "Percy Wetmore". The sheer wickedness and cruelty of this character blew my mind! How dare he! How dare he do that to Mr. Jingles! This Percy Wetmore is a constant dread among the inmates and you can see the fear he instills on everyone, so you are ALWAYS waiting for Percy to do something beyond evil.

...well here is another disturbing scene involving Mr. Wetmore.

"Thanks Percy for wetting that sponge!"

Goooood times.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989) - Anty VS The Scorpion.....guess who wins...

Before you all start laughing at me! lol. Im laughing at myself right now actually... Watching the beloved companion "Anty" being stabbed to death by a scorpion is not a good time to be had! I was livid with tears when I was a kid and I still cry during that scene.

Dumbo (1941) - Baby of Mine

This might only be appreciated by the older audience as I doubt this generation has ever seen this movie. To this day, I still cant stomach to watch this...

A mother and a baby separated, what is sadder than that?

Well maybe the fact that Dumbo doesn't even begin to understand why his mommy is locked up in a wooden jail cell that says "Danger Mad Elephant" and that the only reason why she is locked up in there is because she was defending him from people making fun of his ears. The worst part is at the end when Dumbo has to leave his mama....ughh....Its so sad you guys! Oh the feels! :(

The Land Before Time (1988) - I'll be with you, even if you can't see me"

No wonder I needed therapy when I was a child...I remember being very upset as a kid watching this. It was only till I was in my teenage years that I had watched it again and then....I sobbed like a baby.


The Neverending Story (1984) - That sinking feeling...

Ok hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. However I still have to fast forward this scene, every single time. I don't even like talking about it, lol Im tearing up right now just thinking about it. Im not crying....I just have something my eye!

The Passion of the Christ (2004) - The ultimate sacrifice

Ok before I get into this one. I do not want to hear any religious bashing or anything of the sort. Thank you.

Anyways, my heart was in agony watching this scene, it is so horrific and terrifying to me. The thought of what He had to go through is beyond any thought or feeling.

Man on Fire (2004) - "Its Ok Dakota Fanning, he's going home....not!"


I can't remember why I watched this film, Its not really one I would be excited to see. Just not my thing. However I did indeed see this when it first came out, and boy I was not expecting that! I was kinda hoping for a happy ending?Wishful thinking? Yes.

So this guy (Denzel Washington) is hired to protect this girl (Dakota Fanning) they form a really close bond, they become friends, and its so very sweet and cute! and then she gets kidnapped and some other shit happens, then in the end he trades his life for hers. Not only that, but he knows the kidnappers are going to not just murder him, but torture him as well. Can you imagine what he's thinking walking quietly down that road? Yeesh!...there's more to it than that but im pretty lazy and you should just watch it.

The Cure (1995) - Epic Friendship!

Oh The Cure! I had a crush on both of the main actors when I was younger! One of my favorite movies! Why couldn't he just not have aids? lol. Again there's that wishful thinking ;) It really is a wonderful movie!

However....the ending. I cried so hard, not like tears... but buckets, I cried like someone just close to me had died. Watch this movie! TAKE IT AND GO!

Sadly I could not find the end scene anywhere! Which is a good thing actually, I wouldn't want people to just watch a youtube video of the ending. So here is a general trailer of 1995's The Cure, Starring the late Brad Renfro (RIP) and the adorable Joseph Mazello. Hopefully it will make you want to watch the entire thing!

Simon Birch (1998) - The Little Miracle!

Another tear-jerker with Joesph Mazello! I just love him! If you haven't recognized him yet he played the little kid on Jurassic Park (I don't feel like looking up the characters name).

Anywho, Simon Birch is another feel good movie that I always talk about when I discuss "The Cure" and vice versa. Not just because of the same actor, but because it is has that same "Epic Friendship" that is in both films. And of course....death. Oh death how I despise thee.

Simon Birch is just the bee's knees, it is highly touching and emotional, its funny and clever. I love this movie to bits! and I cry, cry, and cry every time. Sobbing wet-pillow-kleenex kind of tears. So heartbreaking, but such a good movie.

King Kong (2005) - Beauty Killed the Beast....literally.

I hate this movie. Ok, not because it was a bad movie but because of the ending. Im a huge wet sobbing mess at the end of it and my stomach gets into knots and I just want to die in a hole! I absolutely HATE animal deaths! If an animal dies in a film....I don't want to watch it. Especially this giant misunderstood beast! The unfairness of it all! The giant ape just wanted someone to love! and you can see the love and adoration the chick had in her eyes looking at him. They had some good times! But noooooo stupid people and their guns and helicopters! Yarrrrg!

(I had to watch some of the clip to see if it showed the whole scene and I'm trying to copy and paste the link through watery eyes! lol.)


Well its safe to say I wont be sleeping tonight, but that's all my fault, lol. Next time I wont be doing such a sad list....jeez what is wrong with me?

I know I missed like 8 million more sad moments, I basically made this in less than 2 hours and wanted to finish today. Im not the most patient person.

If you happen to watch any movies Ive listed, I would love to hear what you thought of them! and If i have persuaded you to watch one or all of them!


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