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I'll admit, when I first heard that Fox would be doing a Batman prequel tv show, I was distinctly underwhelmed. Despite loving the villains (maybe because there are so many iconic female bad guys), I've always thought that Batman has just been done to death. I want to see the focus switch to other DC characters who are just as deserving of screen time.

Now, as I see more previews of the show, I have gone from indifferent to itching for more! Check out this TV spot focusing on the villains:

OK, first and foremost, look at Fish Mooney. The posters are obviously dark, but I didn't notice her red hair before, and I love it! I'm also really excited to see the rest of her wardrobe; obviously "her" color is going to be red, and we already see lots of gold, glitter, and statement outfits. Having a gangster (sorry, "businesswoman") who isn't in sharp suits and dark colors is going to be fantastic. Whoever is working on the costume design for this show is hitting the nail on the head when it comes to balancing modern looks and the classic gothic Gotham.

Selena Goes Steampunk
Selena Goes Steampunk

Selena Kyle/Catwoman is another design that I am particularly into. She keeps the classic head-to-toe black and leather, but at the same time, it does look like something a girl would wear. There aren't many people who wander around in catsuits anymore, but the leather jacket, boots and gloves - absolutely. It's another great twist on the iconic look, and with a little steampunk vibe as the cherry on top. Perfect!

Got Milk?
Got Milk?

This week we are also treated to a featurette with Jada Pinkett Smith talking about the mythology of Gotham, where we get to see even more amazing shots from the show:

Lets talk for a second about that last little clip showing Catwoman stealing some milk, because it may well be my favorite part of the whole thing. At first I was unsure about seeing Selena Kyle as a badass right from the start (she has always been a mouse until her twenties), but the more I see, the more I like.

She has always been a favorite DC character of mine (I am verging on crazy-cat-lady at times!) and now I get to see her in a more relatable form. A punk kid with attitude? Definitely more my style, right down to the dog collar (I will save you from the yearbook photos of me in the 90s wearing almost exactly that!). She's also going to work well to balance out Ivy Pepper, who will definitely keep the classic shy backstory.

We also get to see a shot of the Gotham skyline, which looks fantastic. Everything I have seen really captures the darkness of the series; another area where the balance of modernity and classic Batman work perfectly. I hope the writing is as fantastic as the art direction!

Finally, we have a third teaser titled "The Good. The Bad. The Beginning." focusing on Detective Gordon (who is really the main character in the show, so I'm happy to see a piece primarily about this character).

From stills, from leaked details about the pilot, and from this teaser about the Detective, it's clear to me that the series will open with the death of the Waynes, and the introduction of Gordon and Bruce Wayne at the scene of the crime. Seeing Gordon walk past the major villains is incredible, and I really hope that that happens at some point in the show, rather than just being some clever editing!

I know that many people are not thrilled about this being a cop show, but this teaser makes me think that they will be able to write the development of Gordon's character beautifully, and that just because it focuses on him does not mean that it won't work. The Gotham story is about more than just Batman, and I can't wait to see it!

Finally, the music from "The Good. The Bad. The Beginning." works so well with the trailer, and got me so pumped up that I just had to find it! I cannot think of lyrics that suit Gotham more than "keep calm, and carry on, the whole world's sitting on a ticking bomb". If you loved it as much as me, here is the video for you!

What do you think of the teasers so far? Are they changing your mind at all? Do you have any plot or character theories based on them? Comment and let me know!!


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