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It's almost time for the most important event in the nerd calendar...San Diego Comic Con! I've already taken a look at some of the events and panels happening, and now we are starting to see the exclusive merchandise that will only be available over the weekend.

Marvel recently released their exclusives for the booth, with this amazing Age of Ultron t-shirt that I imagine will be the first to sell out. I love that it is just the silhouettes of the team, and red and black are always a great combo.

There are lots of S.H.I.E.L.D goodies to be had as well, an obvious choice for both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I do really have a soft spot for the blueprints of the plane - it's not too obviously fanboy, which is nice sometimes. Subtlety can be useful in an everyday wardrobe item. (Assuming you don't just keep it pristine forever as part of a collection, of course.)

This Winter Soldier hoodie is sure to be popular, but also sure to be heavily reproduced (there are a lot of Marvel character hoodies available in this style), so be careful if you intend to buy this collectors item on ebay later!

As well as the clothing line, you can pick up these glasses, bottles and lanyards from Marvel - for those who want a collectors item from this year, but maybe don't want to spend quite as much money! That water bottle may also prove useful should you lose yours at the con and get thirsty.

Finally, we have some Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise - unsurprising, seeing as the film comes out within a week of SDCC is and set to be a huge hit for Marvel studios.

My favorites in the Marvel line are this Nova Corps t-shirt and the StarLord hoodie.

I will be honest, I am feeling a little of my usual annoyance about the cut of the shirts though. As usual, these amazing limited edition items do not come in any style other than the usual man's shirt. I'm sure that there are sizes small enough for women (there better be!) but as always, I'm wishing that there were some fitted tees for women, or better (and rarer) yet, tank tops!

The final item is this collector's stuffy of Rocket Raccoon, and I'm on the fence about this one. Maybe it is that this type of toy are harder to display than a glass, and definitely less useful than an article of clothing. Or maybe it's because this particular one has a face that just plain gives me the creeps!

What are you most excited about from this collection?


Which items here are you most excited to buy at SDCC?


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