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T.V's most spellbinding show, Once Upon a Time, is joining the rest of the world and celebrating Frozen. In the season three finale of the show it was revealed that Elsa is coming to Storybrooke. Not much has been said on what her role in the show will be or who else from the Frozen universe is joining her. Until now. Series creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about what fans can expect for next season and if everyone's favorite snowman is joining the show.

What was Disney’s biggest concern in terms of protecting the Frozen brand?

Kitsis: In the past, like, we made Peter Pan villainous, we’ve taken liberties with certain characters. This is a situation where everybody was on the same page. Adam and I were looking to bring the spirit of Elsa [on Once played by Georgina Haig] and Anna [Elizabeth Lail] into our show. We’re not looking to do a sequel, we’re just looking to bring them into our world for a fun story arc. So character and storywise, we just wanted to honor the characters. And with how recent the movie is, that was important to Disney as well.
Horowitz: In Once Upon a Time, we’ve approached these stories in different ways. Sometimes it’s like the Peter Pan way, where there’s a complete flip on the character and that’s our twist on it. And other times it’s about how these characters that we know fit in this world on this show—and that’s more what we’re doing with Frozen. We want to be true to the characters, we don’t want to change what they were in the movie, we want to be true to what we love about them and what everybody loves about them. Instead, we want the twist to be how they fit into our universe.

You described Frozen as a “a fun story arc,” which suggests to me you might be thinking of this—perhaps by necessity—as more of a limited storyline within your show as opposed to the more open-ended character additions you’ve had in the past. Is that an accurate read?

Kitsis: That is absolutely accurate. It’s similar to the way we did Neverland last year, and the Wicked Witch arc.
Horowitz: We’re planning an arc involving the characters from Frozen and it also obviously involves the characters that already exist on Once, but it’s a close-ended story.

Right—but you did Neverland, yet Captain Hook is still on the show. It sounds like in this case, the characters will have a limited appearance and not be on the show in season five.

Kitsis: Yes, exactly.

Elsa didn’t have a love story in the movie, and that was part of what some really liked about her. Will you give her one here?

Kitsis: What’s interesting to us about Elsa is not who she falls in love with. Our show has always been about family. Love is our franchise, but most of our love has been about families coming together. What we love about Elsa is that she is uncomfortable with her power, she’s lonely, but wasn’t quite sure how to break that loneliness—it took the love of her sister. So we’re not interested in Elsa meeting someone, we’re interested in exploring her as a person, like we have with Regina the past few years.
Horowitz: We’re not planning to put Elsa on We’re more interested in what the movie explored, the relationship between sisters, and that relationship will be central to the story.

Speaking of comedy, Olaf is a character fans really want to see. But from a drama series production standpoint, it seems like one of those things where you’d be like, “Uh, how can we ever actually pull that off in a live action show?” What are your thoughts?

Kitsis: We’re not going to. We won’t be seeing Olaf.
Horowitz: It wouldn’t fit, and it’s so beautiful, his story in the movie. The story we want to tell doesn’t involve trying to expand upon that, nor do we think it should.

Though not a sequel, your arc does take place after the events in the film, right?

Kitsis: Yeah, simply because what happened in the film was so beautiful. We’re picking up these characters after the movie.

I’ve avoided asking you specific plot questions because I know that’s the area you don’t want to get into. But is there anything you’re comfortable to tease overall about how the Frozen storyline works into the rest of the show?

Kitsis: Thematically we can say the first half of the season is about how you never give up on the people you love.

There’s been a lot of guesses for Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, whether Elsa and Anna’s mom survived that sea voyage, or perhaps that she’s playing the original Snow Queen. Anything you can tell us?

Kitsis: It’s one of the two things you mentioned!
Horowitz: We’ll find Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is connected both to the world of Arendelle and the world of Storybrooke.

So there you have it folks! No Olaf, Elizabeth Mitchell will either be playing Elsa and Anna's mom or the original Snow Queen, and the Frozen characters will only stick around for the first half of the season. What are your thoughts and what are you looking forward to in the next season? Let me know in the comments!

source: Entertainment Weekly


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