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Wow, I have always wanted to do this and never thought I would. This is what qualifies someone as a true comic book geek, I think. Its like welcome to fanboy Heaven, or Hell! These things get posted all the time and if you think about it, what is the point. Warner Brothers has no intention of looking at websites like this to get ideas for how to make movies. It might be true, maybe, but every so often you see something happening in the news with a particular production and think hey, I saw something like that months ago, some idea a fanboy had. So is that what this is, do I think Warner Brothers might happen to see what I think about the cast of a [Justice League](movie:401267) Movie and go with MY idea? Uh, no, I don't think so, but it is fun so I'll just go ahead and lay out what I think works.

Because I grew up with comic books back when there were no movies, back when Justice League was created and it had a solid, classic roll, I'm going with casting that team. I think you have to start with something at the beginning and anything else leaves out thousands, if not millions of Justice League fans who were around then and waited for decades for this movie.


In 2007 when Happy Feet George Miller was putting together his Justice League Mortral I had a clear idea of who the Justice League was and Paul Walker was my Aquaman. He was blonde, had a presence on screen that seemed like what a King of Atlantis would be, someone strong who wouldn't back down when the world was caving in and I saw that in the roles he played. But, now there is Jason Mamoa and apparently he is the guy. He has a rough quality, something barbaric and I think kings are like that, plus he looks like someone you don;t want to mess with, and that is exactly who the king of the seven seas is. I like this guy, a lot!

The Atom

I have kicked around a lot of names on this one and its hard to come up with a name, that is until the announcement that The Atom had been cast for the Arrow television show. This was a shocker, Brandon Routh and I was thinking, in Superman Returns he was like a mannequin, no personality at all. But then you have to remember they were trying to make the audience see Christopher Reeve, and too you have to give credit to a poorly written script and a director who thought he was driving a little fishing boat instead of a movie about an icon. The look, that stuffy personality from his Superman role seems to me to be perfect for scientist Ray Palmer, The Atom and yeah, I am thrilled about this.


I really liked Christian Bale, on and off the screen. His visit to Aurora, Colorado after the movie theater shooting was first class. He was a tough, gritty Batman but life goes on. The new guy, who I think is an incredible choice was actually my choice for Green Lantern in 2007. The knock against him is the Daredevil movie. Again, before you dump on an actor you have to give credit for a bad movie to the scriptwriter and the director. Actors do not make it up as they go along and they are only what the director allows. I loved his performance in Armageddon and Pearl Harbor and this choice of Ben Affleck will be the defining moment for Justice League on screen.

[The Flash](movie:15273)

There was a time when I would have said Ryan Reynolds, and he really wanted the roll but it never happened. There have been images of the Flash on desks at Warner and DC Comics based on the likeness of Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame so apparently they like him. In 2007 I liked Scott Speedman, he had the look and his name jumped out at me and I could still like him but I like to put the faces together and look at them as a team for that feeling that they have chemistry together and here it is. This is my Flash.

Green Arrow

I don't see any need for a lot of talk on this pick. If you have seen the television show you know already that Stephen Amell is the right guy. Everything about him on screen fits, but maybe the show could use a little more imagination as far as trick arrows, and I think just one time the green boxing glove arrow would be classic.

Green Lantern

I already mentioned how I liked Ben Affleck for this role, but we already have Ryan Reynolds established as the character and he is under contract to play Green Lantern one more time so why not go with it. It wasn't his acting that hurt the Green Lantern movie. Credit a poorly scripted movie that was weighted down with too much material and poor imagination by the director. He's wprth another shot, and I see chemistry.


In the long running television series, Smallville Michael Shanks played Hawkman. The gravelly voice didn't work well but the acting and his presence on screen did and the action was fabulous. This is the right face of a museum curator who dawns a mask and wings and beats people into submission with a mace!

Martian Manhunter

I always thought Vin Diesel was perfect. A little green makeup and you could convince me he was the real thing, right down to a strong voice, but then you look at his size compared to the guy we are going to pick and its like, nah, he looks great as a monster in Guardians of The Galaxy. So, Warner has a guy under contract and he is rumored to play as many as six different DC characters. One is The Martian Manhunter and he has a similar look with the shaved head you get with Vin Diesel but wow, look at the muscles on this guy. he is a decent actor, good in action movies too, and did I mention the muscles? This one has to be the already under contract Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


This pick is a no-brainer. Henry Cavill doesn't have that same charm Christopher Reeve had but he is one of those actors who has a commanding presence on screen. There is no question he can act, he looks the part and carries off the role of an alien out of place on Earth and buried with questions of justice and doing the right thing as well as you will get!

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787)

Catherine Zeta Jones is the best choice for this role. You see everything you need in two Zorro movies; you get acting hat is well above average and she looks good with a sword in her hand, not to mention the look. Wonder Woman looks like Catherine Zeta Jones, but Warner picked Gal Gadot. Concept art says Warner was probably right. In the concept pictures in a costume that is mostly speculation so far she looks fabulous. Yeah, I said that in spite of liking someone else. Stand her up between Cavill and Affleck and you have chemistry you are bnot going to beat. This is the right choice.
So, after years of wanting to do this, here is MY Justice League the way I want to see it in 2017. Please leave comments and a yay or nay in the pool. Thanks


Did I pick a good team?


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