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As horror fans, we pride ourselves on being able to handle more gore and craziness on film than other genre fans. However, every now and then even we see things that can shake us up. Being a horror fan also means we like some of the bizarre things we've seen...even if it makes us feel crazy! Here are 5 films I love and question my sanity for liking them.

The Sacrament

[The Sacrament](movie:880493) is a relatively new film from producer Eli Roth and directed by Ti West. The Sacrament follows a reporter and his crew that travels to investigate an isolated cult when one part of the crew receives a letter from his sister with some disturbing tones. It doesn't take long for the trip to completely spiral out of control and speed towards a gut wrenching conclusion. A large majority of the story line is modeled after the tragedy in Jonestown so you already know you're in for an emotional ride when you get there.

The movie is filmed with the found footage format and drops you right in the middle of all of the pain and suffering on the final days of Eden Parish. I enjoyed this film because it is one of the best 'found footage' films I've ever seen and tells the story very honestly, and with no filters. The performances are a little too good and make the climax of the movie all too frightening. I always have to give credit where credit is due and this is one hell of a psychological thriller, it kept my mind racing for an entire night and allowed for little sleep.

Funny Games (1997)

No disturbing movie list is complete without the addition of Funny Games. It's a twisted movie about two young people who hold a family hostage while they are on vacation. Instead of just killing them, they make the family play sadistic games with them for their own truly sick entertainment.

The writing is very slick and the entire filming of the movie is very bare bones. The premise is down right frightening because deep down inside you know there are people out there fully capable of being like the young men in this film. Just wait until the main character turns to the camera and talks directly to the audience. Tell me you don't start to feel a bit crazy when he questions your motives for watching this film?

The Woman

This is truly one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. Some of the images and plot twists didn't leave my mind for days, I just couldn't shake them. While the meaning of the film is constantly debated, some of the misogynistic behavior is incredibly hard for any modern day woman to stomach.

Why is this movie considered grade A to some of us then? The behavior of the males in the film is sadly a reality at times, but the way the main character eventually deals with it; might just be every woman's (even if it's secretly) dream.

The Last House on the Left (2009)

In this case: I definitely preferred the remake to the original (I know, blasphemy). I've only seen this movie once and ferociously fast forwarded through the rape and murder scene at the beginning. What a way to start. I'm not sure what meaning it had in the film so fast forwarding through it was an easy solution.

The rest of the film however, at least for me is highly acceptable entertainment. One of the better revenge films, it takes a violent look at what we're all capable of doing in times of great distress and tragedy. Why does this movie makes you feel crazy? Because most of us can empathize with what the father does to the individuals that murdered his daughter....and we cheer him on in the process.


This film is in no way "enjoyable", but it is the best made film about a serial killer that I have seen so far. The movie tells the story of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer almost completely backwards. It's an effective movie-making strategy because where he's going and where he's been both defy belief and are even more disturbing as they come at you simultaneously.

The movie sticks extremely close to real life events and many times that makes it almost completely and utterly unbearable to watch. The film does not gloss over his crimes or even attempts to make you sympathetic towards him. This also features a star making performance by a young Jeremy Renner.

This is by no means an all inclusive list. So, what horror films have you seen that make you feel crazy for liking them? Why do you like them despite their twisted images and plot points?

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Which of these movies make you feel crazy for liking them?


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