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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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This movie begins with nuclear devastation. Then deals with the emotional toll that is taken on 9 different strangers as they attempt to survive in the basement of a Texas farmhouse. Desperation soon sets in as the fall out begins to take it's toll.

Aftermath scene
Aftermath scene

Directed by Peter Engert (The Valley of Tears) and written by Christian McDonald Aftermath starts out in a desolate rural landscape and quickly takes you into a dark claustrophobic world of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all, zombie-like refugees who want in.

Starring Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Andre Royo and C.J. Thomason, AFTERMATH takes a hard look at how far humans will go to survive. Although the acting and script seemed to lag a bit in spots and lacked some character development overall the movie is well crafted and created an empathy towards the situation they struggled through.

" I like working on films that dissect unpleasant topics and make you feel uncomfortable, by forcing you to face the unknown and your worst fears."

Engert is a director that believes the message of the film is the most important element of the story. I believe he did a good job getting that message across with this bleak drama about something most of us would rather not think about.

"The ultimate message of the film is that we should be happy and grateful for what we have right now and do everything within our power to make this world better, so none of us will ever face the horrors that the 9 strangers in Aftermath have to face."

I say check it out it's in theaters and available on VOD and itunes July 18th


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