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Leonardo Almaguer

Another year has gone by, and we are left with another Comic-Con event, grand news, and even greater inside events, bigger movies and more exposition.

Oh what a great and truly magical time to be a comic book geek…

So why does it leave an awkward feeling when it ends?

Speaking from the point of view of someone who grew up on comics, my friends were The Avengers and the X-Men, I learned about the world through a 2D world, artists and writers were like a fondly remembered uncle, so to speak.

The greatest moral code I could have ever learned was: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

When you are an outsider and have no real way to connect to the world... you make your own, you begin to build stories from your experience with writers or start to imagine how a world is filled with a certain “magic” and you dig deep into yourself, and create all these fantastic adventures in your head.

Eventually, we all made our own heroes and our own fantasies.

We knew that we were awesome on the sole authority that we could fly, we could leap tall buildings in a single bound. The power of our unlocked imagination was guiding us, we were legends in our own minds. We were awesome.

having a session
having a session

So, where is this going?

Well, remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.

The world caught unto our distinct and characteristic awesomeness, it saw what we saw growing up, the possibility of “magic” in an otherwise very drab day to day reality. Our 2D world became rich with texture, we became more powerful with each new Marvel movie, each new DC crossover brought more spotlight to our world.

“And the geeks shall inherit the earth.” And with all this new power, new responsibilities...

This leads us into over exposure, this may sound like the ravings of an old man, and they may as well be...

However, things were different, there weren't that many Marvel NOW reboots, The New 52 wasn't “The New 52”, it was just DC Comics, and most important, Comic-Con was about comics, not EVERY single pop item reference you can imagine-Con.

  "But first, let me take a selfie." - Boba Fett
"But first, let me take a selfie." - Boba Fett

Things changed, like they always do, giving way to other things, new things. Bigger may not be better in this case.

I don’t want a big event with bells and whistles, I want a good story, told by a great writer, and if it has awesome art work; even better!

The last X-Men event really failed to impress (Battle of the Atom), The Avengers seem to become a publicity stunt with each passing day (Hulk now talks and seemingly has the Extremis virus, Thor is a woman, and Captain America is black…) while at DC Comics Alan Scott was turned gay for some odd reason, and in the movies Superman kills Zod…

I am not afraid of change, let it be known, I am however afraid of character assassination. If Marvel wants to diversify their universe, I am all for it, build new heroes, but don’t just change your old ones!

If DC wants to be edgier then put some effort into your characters, don’t just turn them into homicidal maniacs for some WOW factor.

And then there’s Comic-Con… I love it, it’s very dear to me, but it's no longer JUST comics, and even retailers are keen to this.

Again, maybe this is just old man talk but I just miss the days of less hype - more story.

Who knows! All things change, and we are at a very important juncture in our geeky existences. We should care where all this is going, to be a geek and to read comics was once frowned upon and laughed at, you earned your badges with each passing year.

Now everyone’s an expert, everyone’s a fan…

  Lets just all quit and go the "Indie" route
Lets just all quit and go the "Indie" route

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