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Francis Cabrico

Australian filmmaker Dru Brown has devised a different kind of story. A twist of fate reunite two singularly different characters, a sloppy hitman, Steven Ray (Steve Mouzakis), and a depressed and suicidal Percival (Leon Cain) , who unknowingly hires the same hitman who killed his lover Christopher.

Percival want to die anyway he can. Life without his lover doesn't seem to have much meaning, yet there is one small problem...he appears to be cursed and can't quite successfully get his wishes.

After many creatives attempts against his life, he just can't seem to get it right, hence how he meets his killer as he lands on the rooftop of the killers car in yet another in a failed attempt from jumping off a building.

As life may have it, he serendipitously hires the same hitman many times over to assist him in fulfilling his last wish in continuously unsuccessful ways. The results are a progressively mangled and messy Percival who can't seem to end it all even at his own hands.

This film will certainly be an eye opener for many due to its unflinchingly dark and disturbing turn of events. However, It is a breath of fresh air due to its originality and clever ideas behind the concept, even though many may find the story tasteless and grotesque.

Definitely worth a watch for those who welcome films with controversial subject matters. An odd blooming relationship between Percival and his hired killer take a turn as both dysfunctional characters bond after finding themselves at odds many times over during the kllier's repeated botched assignments.

The premise may seem to draw laughs and discomfort, but the filmmaker handles the material with a dead-pan seriousness viewers may find disconcerting and off putting.


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