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I don't know about you guys, but there is no sub-genre of film that I like more than vampire movies (OBVIOUSLY excluding the Twilight crap). So naturally I was pretty excited to hear that another movie featuring REAL vampires has been made. Well, that was until I saw the teaser trailer at least.

In the year 1012 several kings fought for the throne of Norway. Olav the Holy had the church on his side, and was sure to win the throne. Eirik Bloodtooth hated the church and made a blood pact with a sami shaman from the north who transformed him and his army into vampires, as strong as 10.000 men! But Eirik was betrayed by his brother Håkon, and trapped in a Christian grave for eternity.

Then the story starts in present time, with a Viking ship sailing down a beautiful fjord in Norway, where we meet Liv, an unemployed archaeologist taking part in a Viking team building trip to Valhalla Spa Resort. Her half sister Tuva is the boss, and she has given Liv a job to help her out, but forces her to spy on the team from the inside. The sisters are very different, and have a troubled relationship. At the resort Liv can’t resist the urge to dig up an old runestone, and accidentally wakes up Eirik Bloodtooth and his two squires, Sigurd and Magnus.

Ahh the disappointment. I've never been a fan of the whole medieval thing (yes that means that I couldn't care less for 'Game Of Thrones') but I thought that because the movie involves vampires I could give it a go. I do admit that I chuckled a bit watching this trailer, and it is always good to have a bit of slapstick comedy in a movie - but dear god how cliche was that? 'Oh I wonder what's going to happen to that ignorant tourist, god only knows.'

Anyway, enough about my opinion - I want to hear YOURS! Am I being too harsh, or does this movie look like a complete shitfest? Tell me in the comments below!


Will you be watching 'Viking Vampires?'

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