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The world of Batman has many awesome and some not-so-awesome characters. So, here's my top ten Batman characters.

10) Bane

I like Bane partly because of his background and how he was born in a prison and was a test subject for venom. I like him more so because of the fact that he broke Batman. He showed everyone that Batman could indeed die and that someone would need to replace him as the symbol at one point. He was also somewhat responsible for launching the Batman franchise into a darker direction (which I love). He really was out for Batman on many person levels and proved to be a bit of an obstacle, but he is only a mercenary and that is why he is last on this list.

9) Carrie Kelley

Although she was only in one comic arc, she is one of my favorite Robins. This is because she was not asked to be Robin. She just became Robin because she knew her city needed a symbol. She represented the impact of the symbol of Batman. I also loved her brash yet loyal attitude. She is number nine because she isn't around much. If she was in more comics, she would be above number five.

8) Ra's Al Guhl

Bane may have been somewhat of an obstacle, but, out of all of Batman's rouges, Ra's is the closest thing to Batman's perfect match. They are equally skilled fighters because they truly believe in what they are doing. You fight better when you believe in what you are fighting for. Ra's (like Bruce) is also trying to fix the world. Hence the reason Ra's acts with a code of honor and dignity. There is also a kind of weird respect between them. I also love how we see the Lazarus Pit affecting his sanity. Every time he comes out, he is a bit more insane. Damn Chis Nolan for ruining the Pit in [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011).

7) The Joker

(DON'T KILL ME!). I love the Joker (Pre-52 > New 52). The ambiguousness of his backstory is intriguing (I prefer the Killing Joke). And the fact that he could've been any regular person is really amazing (everyone has one bad day...). But, in most arcs, he is only insane. I wish they would show his more human sides (I know that's not the point of the character but still...). I feel that it would be very powerful to see him cry or something.

The next six are awesome.

6) Tie between Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne

Without these guys, there would not be a Batman. They taught Bruce that it matters only if you did good not if people know you did good. They were selfless. And Flashpoint made them even better. In a world where Bruce died we see something that sort of represents the duality of man. There were two ways to deal with their loss. Thomas took ways to trying to prevent what happened to their son from happening to someone else (even though it was with guns). He even helped to revert the timeline to the one where he died and Bruce lived (he sacrificed himself for his son). Martha can't accept Bruce's death and becomes the Joker. She loses her sanity. That was her one bad day. They definitely show the duality better than the actual Batman and Joker (because it's two different reactions to the same event).

5) Tim Drake

Tim is basically Carrie Kelley (because being Robin was more of his choice) with a different attitude and more story. He was the main reason Batman was able to recuperate from Jason dying. I don't really have much to say, except that he was already a great detective before meeting Bruce. He is probably the most cooperative Robin. He was also the most molded by Bruce. And again, he CHOSE to be Robin.

4) Dick Grayson

The reason why I emphasized that Carrie and Tim chose to be Robin is that Dick was kind of enticed. He was taken in by Bruce and was told that he could avenge the deaths of his parents. Dick becoming Robin was the real beginning of Bruce's surrogate family. He and Bruce are so different though. After all, he also was the FIRST sidekick to go against Bruce (and the only one whose morality wasn't corrupted after the fact). They had a complicated relationship and that's why I love Dick. It was the complications that led him to become his own hero and continue that Batman symbol in his own way. He was the only one who truly understood. He is almost like an alternate version of Bruce. He caught the man he was after (Zucco) and had closure unlike Bruce. This clip from "Young Justice" shows why Batman thought it was good for him:

That is why when Dick was Batman he was his own hero.

3) Victor Fries

I will never call him Mr. Freeze because I don't think he is a villain. He is a tragic character. He was stripped of everything by Ferris Boyle and tried to save his only chance at a life. All he wanted to do was cure Nora. That's not bad. That's desperate. He has been kicked when he was down. He never even really likes to fight. He just wants to help Nora without hurting people. That is all.

2) Jason Todd/Red Hood

Aside from everything that has been said about him, I like Todd because he isn't a traditional villain/Robin. In his original story arc, he did not become the Red Hood. He died and stayed dead. Before that, he wasn't exactly a normal Robin. Batman met him when he was stripping the Batmobile of its tires. Not exactly getting off on the right foot. Then, to add to that, he has a very real backstory. It wasn't like Batman was there in a tragic moment. Jason's life was tragic. He was abandoned. Not many watch their parents die, but many kids are abandoned. That's why his original story stands out. He was also the only Robin, to my knowledge, to be benched indefinitely because of anger. He had actual mental issues. And he died because of them. He never felt like he belonged somewhere. So, in an attempt to get his mother to like him, he sacrificed himself for a woman who betrayed him. And she dies. This also showed that Batman wasn't s emotionless as everyone expected since this affected his crime-fighting for months. Now in regards to the modern day Todd, his story is the same except his death is through the fault of Ra's. This causes him to be revived and he comes back as the Red Hood. Instead of stopping crime, he regulates it and wants to kill the Joker who killed him and was hired by Ra's. This is him trying to belong again. He thought Batman would be impressed, but he wasn't.

1) Batman

I would say its symbolism but because I am listing "characters," I'll say Bruce. Why? He is one of the only superheroes who could've been any ol' shmo. Bruce was the first hero to prove that no matter what obstacles you face, as long as you are fighting for the good of all and you believe in what you fight for, no one can stand in your way. This carried on with Terry Mcginnis (let's forget the terrible "Batman Beyond Project" in JLU) Terry did it without the gadgets at times as did Bruce. But Bruce started it all and that is why I love him.

Honorable Mentions: Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Azrael, Terry Mcginnis, The Phantasm


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