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Good news for fans of blind, horned superheroes who are heading to our screens next year - we have our first look at Charlie Cox on the set of Netflix's upcoming Daredevil series!

Sadly, he's not in costume - but you can definitely tell that someone has been training for the part.

Also, even though they're almost certainly sunglasses, we should all definitely take a moment to imagine the universe in which Charlie Cox chooses to play Matt Murdock with those as his tinted glasses.

Because that would be awesome.

But don't hurry off to your imagination tents just yet, there's more Daredevil-related picture-social-media-ing news to come...

Because that there would be Elden Henson, aka Foggy Nelson.

The best part?

This was the caption attached to the image:

"Hi, Are you Foggy?" was my little one's first approach to Elden Henson, who plays Foggy Nelson in upcoming Marvel's TV series Daredevil. Elden is such a cool person took his time and chatted with us for a while before filming! Can't wait to watch in 2015!

Clearly that kid is a Marvel-master - or just styled out a piece of parental prompting like a boss.

Either way - kudos, kid. Kudos...


What do you guys think? Excited to see Daredevil on set?

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