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We've all been smelling what The Rock has been cooking for a few years now - and although most of it smells like chicken, steak, and brown rice proteins - we've also got more than a hint of the sweet, sultry whiff of testosterone.

But, imagine a hypothetical universe where one Dwayne Johnson is born minus his impressive physique - in another life, do you think he might have been a scrawny but awesome social media guru? Because, since Hercules began filming, he's been tweeting non-stop, and boy, is he a tease.

In his most recent Facebook post, Dwayne dropped a video, in which you see him struggle and struggle, screaming "I am Hercules," until he can't take anymore and his hands collapse on his knees. Check it out right here, right now:

Real steel chains? Intense.

So, Johnson has muscled himself into a Hercules role. Will the 6 foot 5 demigod be able to pull off leading a team of mercenaries to train the Thracian army? I'm going with yes. Yes, he will.

I am SO pumped for Johnson to lay the smack down on lots of unsuspecting people in Hercules. Aren't you?


Are YOU pumped for Hercules?


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