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Marilyn Manson's look in [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) gets revealed. We've heard that he's going to be Ron Tully, a white supremacist. Until now however, we didn't know where or when he would come into the story.

Check out the image below:

Revealing that Manson meets Jax in jail lets us know that he'll be in the first few episodes at least.

The plot will be taking place ten days after the tragic events of Season 6. Jax will be in jail. It is yet unclear whether Manson will be a friend or foe to Jax. Prison having a very dangerous history in the show, it's very hard to tell. It appears that in this scene we have what looks like a stand-off. This could be just weighing each other up until they join forces or Manson could just be a senior character in prison and is telling Jax how things work.

Again, really hard to tell. I know that he is going to be playing a recurring role in the series, which implies that he will still be in the show when Jax gets out. This could mean that he still makes moves from inside prison.

Either way it's a cool image and Manson certainly looks the part.

What do you make of the image?


Manson's first image

Source: PopWatch


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