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Kevin Smith isn't just a ice hockey jersey salesman, he has also established a career as a massive comic-book geek and a director.

So it only seems to make logical sense that Kevin Smith should eventually get the chance to direct a Marvel movie, right?

Well, that's what Marvel legend Stan Lee certainly thinks. Of course, Smith and Lee go quite far back, with Smith giving Lee a cameo in his 1995 comedy Mallrats. Clearly, Lee hasn't forgot about this and he seems eager to voice his support for the Clerks director. While chatting at the London Film & Comic Con, Lee stated:

Yeah, Kevin [Smith] would do a great job. Kevin is an old [friend]. If you’re familiar with him, he’s the fellow who did the movie Mallrats, years ago….my first starring vehicle. And Kevin knows the comics as well as anybody, so I don’t know why Marvel doesn’t hire him to do one of their movies. Maybe, they will.

Want to check out Stan Lee's first big screen moment? Well, take a look at the video below:

Now, Kevin Smith can certainly be a bit hit and miss with his movies, and although he had his fans, there might be an equal number who aren't exactly enthusiastic about his works. Furthermore, his tone and style might not exactly translate into the family-friendly Marvel universe that well.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Kevin Smith helmed Marvel movie?


Would you like to see Kevin Smith direct a Marvel movie?



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