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Rosie Hinton, a Medical officer in the British Army and now a convicted military prisoner, on her final work detail before being released back to her unit. Along with five other detainees they are tasked with cleaning a long deserted military facility but when they arrive it gradually becomes clear that the bunker is not as abandoned as they were lead to believe. For more, read here.

Here's what the horror websites have been saying...

"Tense, gripping and claustrophobic horror... with a disturbing message about military secrets..." - Jon Towlson Starburst Magazine.

"Facility 31 is a British horror film that promises to be gritty and brutal and I can!t wait to check it out...had me wanting more!" - Scott Shoyer

"Having seen the as of yet unreleased trailer for Facility 31, we can say that this film looks to be an ominously toned, edge of your seat horror with a chilling storyline. Definitely a film to look out for." - Aaron Golden, Hit The Floor Magazine.

“If the movie turns out to be half as good as the trailer, this should be bloody good fun” . - Simon Taylor, Realm of Horror.

Note: The footage above is taken from the concept trailer.

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