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In almost every movie based on a Marvel Comics character features a special cameo appearance from, the one and only, Stan Lee. While the movies have varying degrees of quality you can count on Stan Lee popping up and brightening the big screen with his recognizable mustache and glass. Here are my top five Stan Lee cameos in Marvel Movies. Excelsior!!


While Ang Lee's Hulk is considered to be one of the worst movies based on a Marvel character, Stan Lee's cameo in the 2003 film was definitely one of its highlights. Lee played a security guard with Lou Ferrigno (TV's The Hulk).

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider Man was the first film in Sony's new reboot and Stan Lee played a music-loving librarian, as Spidey and the Lizard demolished a high school's library. The scene is one of the funniest of the film, which was mostly action-packed and thrilling. Lee's cameo confirms something that we've known for year, the comic book creator has a sense of humor about himself and his work.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Although the movie wasn't very good, Stan Lee's cameo steals the show in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer! Lee plays a guest at Reed Richards and Sue Storm's wedding, only to find himself not on the guest list.

Iron Man

In the first Iron Man movie, Stan Lee played Hugh Hefner at the very beginning of the superhero movie. While the movie is considered to be one of the best Marvel movies, his cameo proves that there are only two other men that are living playboys, Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee.

The Avengers

Marvel's The Avengers was far too exciting to even notice that most of the movie unfolded before we even got a Stan Lee cameo. With only a few minutes left in the summer blockbuster, Stan Lee turns up on a news report about The Avengers saving New York City from alien invaders. Lee's line - "Superheroes in New York? Gimme a break." - adds to the film's comedy and heart.

Honorable Mention:

Spider-Man 3

While Spider-Man 3 is the least of Sam Raimi's stint with the superhero, Stan Lee's really brightened up the movie. Lee shared screen time and a moment with his creation Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire. With the line, "I guess one person can make a difference, 'nuff said," sets the tone for almost all of Marvel Comic's approach to storytelling and creativity.


The only reason why this isn't on the list is because Mallrats is not based on a Marvel character or property, but if it were, this would be my #1. Stan Lee's words of wisdom to Brodie Bruce, played by Jason Lee, rings true today as it did back in 1995. Lee cameo in Mallrats is his longest in any movie and the most meaningful to the film's overall plot. He also answers a few burning questions about some of Marvel's iconic characters, such as Doctor Doom and The Hulk.


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