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Collin Philipps

I'm sure a lot of die hard comic book fans must have seen the leaked pilot for CW's [The Flash](movie:15273), a direct spin-off from [Arrow](series:720988). And although I will say this, some parts are incredibly cheesy, the Easter Eggs, and allusions to the comics are enough to keep me and any fan boy from staying tuned.

While we do know the likes of Oliver Queen, and the Reverse-Flash are set to appear. The biggest Easter Egg appears at the very end.

So the last part goes like this, the guy in the wheelchair from the trailer, the head of S.T.A.R labs opens a cool high-tech door, and turns on an electronic newspaper with the headline:

Flash disappears in crisis

.....and if you look exactly beneath that headline, you'll see

Wayne Tech and Queen Consolidated form business merger.

If the Harley Quinn tease in Arrow didn't convince you, then this will definitely show you that Batman Lives! But there's still the question of where is he, and what has he been doing? Maybe they'll merge all live-action DC Multiverses using a Crisis on infinite earth's event. Ah, wishful thinking


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