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The Horror Honeys

Bad things happen when you toy with the spirit world. Regan brought out Pazuzu and made a generation afraid of pea soup, Em made a dybbuk friend who tried to consume her, and no one wants to play with Annabelle - let's be honest, possession is scary, and messing with the unknown is a little outside of my own personal comfort zone.

As a collector of ouija boards (vintage, not the new ones), I definitely know better than to muck around and see what spirits are floating around waiting to answer inane questions, or use whoever's on the board as a finger puppet.

The official trailer for [Ouija](movie:469746) is now online, and so far, it's looking like the hokey set-up I was worried about it actually shaping up into something a little freakier.

As there's no official synopsis posted online, I'm guessing from the trailer: A group of friends tries to contact a recently deceased member of their group through a Ouija board that may or may not have been linked to her death. In their attempts to contact her, they discover that something something much darker has been called by the board.

Ouija's official release date is October 24, 2014 - until then, keep telling yourself that it's just a game.


What do YOU think of this trailer?


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