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The slasher genre is getting no love these days. Anyone with a friend who has a camera and wants to be a horror director makes a slasher film. Why? Because they're easy. The requirements are few - little to no storyline, disposable characters, trite dialogue, and buckets of randomly splashed gore. Oh, and naked screaming girls. Don't forget them.

Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge is the follow-up to Seed (2007) which has a shockingly bad imdB ranking and is about a seemingly undead killer who (after a failed prison execution) is bound and buried alive, and then digs himself back to the surface to seek bloody vengeance on those who caused him his suffering.

Strangled with your own intestines, embarrassing.
Strangled with your own intestines, embarrassing.

The trailer that has just surfaced for Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge, gives away much of the main action of the film, which is great, because I feel like I've seen it now.

The story [edited for realism]:While driving home in a winnebago (seriously) from a bachelorette party (in Vegas obviously), Christine and her friends come across a mysterious woman in the middle of the desert with an awful accent who leads them straight into mass murderer Max Seed’s trap - because he's just hanging out in the desert...for years. Seeking revenge from a mishap (aka his failed execution and subsequent live burial) years ago, the blood soaked madman (take a bath...seriously) is determined to inflict an insufferable pain to anyone who crosses his path - which is weird, because the woman in the desert with the bad accent totally led the girls right to him, they didn't just stumble across you might have guessed, bloodshed ensues.

Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge will slash its way to DVD on October 7th. If you can't wait, check out Uwe Boll's original film, Seed to get a taste of things to come.

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