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We had a quick interview with one of today's busiest and imaginary film-makers in Hollywood (via Toronto), Guillermo del Toro. His vision has brought amazing, captivating and thrilling works to the screen (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim) and now, TV! His latest show debut this past Sunday on FX, "The Strain" which is the story of Dr. Ehpraim Goodweather (played by Corey Stoll) as the head of the Center for Disease Control in New York City. He and his team investigate a viral outbreak of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. Guillermo co-created and directs this deep and dark thriller. We took a few minutes to ask him some questions out of his hectic schedule for Moviepilot!

Moviepilot (MP): "The Strain" is based on a novel you wrote then turned comic book from Dark Horse and finally a TV series. How long was that entire process from book to comic and then comic to series?

Guillermo del Toro (GDT): I first pitched the series in 2006- even before the novels- and I have been thinking about this type of vampire for 30 years (!) But the whole process form novel to series was about 3 years total!

MP: Since this is focused on a vampire theme, have you had a fascination or interested in this niche of horror genre?

A vampire spreading virus in THE STRAIN
A vampire spreading virus in THE STRAIN

GDT: I have been studying Vampires since I was a kid. Reading every single piece I can on them: fiction, folklore, myth, about their Eastern, Western roots, in Asia, America, Europe etc. I can identify and discuss pretty much every type of vampire ever created by almost every culture on earth: Greek vampires, Russian, Malasyan, etc.

MP: The show being a series, can you tell us if the entire first season covers your first book or just a large portion of it? Will we see season 2 being "The Fall?"

GDT: We left out some parts of book one but mainly it encompasses the entirety of it. The Fall will recoup these chapters and expand upon the second book to yield seasons 2 and 3 if possible.

MP: If you can find the time, will there be more novels for "The Strain" or do you think any others will go straight to comic book were it almost seems each one can be an episode?

GDT: No more novels. We wrapped it up as will do with the series too. After 3-5 seasons we will wrap up the series and the comic books.

MP: Corey Stoll as Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, what attracted you to cast him as the lead?

GDT: He has great humanity, he is very moving and an excellent actor. He is great at playing flawed characters and amazing at dispensing the science needed in the show.

Corey Stall as Dr. Ephraim Goodweather
Corey Stall as Dr. Ephraim Goodweather

MP: I know you work a lot with actor Doug Jones, can you tell us if we will "see" Doug in this season and what role he may be playing?

GDT: HE appears in the last episode as one type of vampire. No Spoilers beyond that!

MP: This series seems to be your current big project, where you able to start other projects during the filming with producing and writing?

GDT: I shot and wrapped CRIMSON PEAK- a Gothic Ghost story for LEGENDARY and UNIVERSAL. It will come out next year, Oct 2015.

MP: "Pacific Rim 2" was announced, which everyone is very excited that it got the green light! Right now it has you listed as writing it but will you take that directing helm again?

GDT: I will co-write, produce and direct again. Hopefully starting in winter 2015!!

MP: We also read that "Hellboy 3" is in the works? How far along is that process and do you think you will direct that as well?

GDT: Not in the works, sadly.

MP: A friend once told me she spent 2 hours with you in a toy store, if you are driving and see a toy store, do you have to make a stop and shop around? What section do you go to first?

GDT: Only a few Toy Stores- Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and, in America, collectible Toy Stores. I love action figures!!

Be sure to catch "The Strain" on FX every Sunday night this Summer at 10PM. Thank you Guillermo!!

Guillermo del Toro (internet photo)
Guillermo del Toro (internet photo)

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