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From the 1970's to the 1980's, the Middle Eastern/European country of Turkey had a huge lack of Western (mostly American) films as the result of the political conditions of the country at the time. This led to films such as 1973's Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Ömer the Tourist: Space Road, a.k.a. "Turkish Star Trek"), 1978's Süpermenler (Supermen, similar to Superman) and Süpermen Dönüyor (The Return of Superman, a.k.a. "Turkish Superman"), and 1982's Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man who Saved the World, a.k.a. "Turkish Star Wars").


As a personal, question, what do you think of the logo that opens the film (read the description in this article below)?

Now, there was another Turkish film made in 1973 that was made with a really low budget, and was an immense cult classic. That film is called 3 Dev Adam (3 Giant Men), better known as "Turkish Spider-Man" by many.

The film does not only feature Spider-Man but also features Captain America and real-life Mexican wrestler El Santo. What's kind of weird is that Spider-Man is depicted as a villain/leader of a criminal organization, while Captain America and El Santo are the heroes who try to fight Spider-Man and his gang.

The film was made and distributed by the Arsel Film Company, based in Istanbul. The film opens up with Arsel's really weird opening logo, which simply goes like this, according to the CLG Wiki:
"On a red background we see a logo surrounded by a green circle. The logo consists in a circle with two crossed Turkish flags (though "banners" is more appropiate to define them) supported on two ribbons with unreadable letters on them. Above the flags there's a filmstrip. Within the logo is a large amount of text that reads the following:
Above the flags: Arsel - Ist. (I guess Ist. stands for "Istanbul") - Film
Below the flags: 20 Yillik Tecrübenín Eseri ("20 years of experience")
Between the flags: Vîdeo Kassette (Video Cassette)
The background gradually changes colours: Red, green, blue, purple, red, brown and green.
I've seen the logo before, and the background music consists of a really odd Turkish folk tune backed by a male voice-over, and ending with some guys chanting "Arsel" about three times.

The story takes place in Istanbul, and it is centered around a violent criminal organization known as the "Spider's Gang", which are led by a somewhat villainous Spider-Man. The gang usually possesses counterfeit American dollar bills. A task-force consisting of Captain America, El Santo, and Julia, Captain America's girlfriend, emerges as Julia helps the police track down Spider-Man. What's also weird is that there are four Spider-Men, whom Cap and El Santo fight in order to try to figure out who is the real Spider-Man. They eventually kill the Spider-Men, including the real one.

The film had a somewhat weird ending; according to the Wikipedia page for 3 Dev Adam,
"As the heroes are about to leave Istanbul, Captain America sees the face of Spider-Man in a taxi and furiously runs and removes the mask of the person in the car, only to realize that it was just a child wearing a toy mask."

The film was made with an extremely low-budget; the film looks like it was shot on an old video camera with extremely poor color quality. Spider-Man's costume looks a lot different from that in the comics (and on the film's poster) as well. The costume looks like a child's Halloween costume, and instead of giving Spider-Man his trademark white eyes, the costume designer cut out eye holes in the mask, and gave him white eye shadow to top it all off. Captain America's costume looks similar to that in the Cap's TV serials from the 1940's and 1950's. El Santo, despite being famous for wearing his trademark mask, rarely wears his mask throughout the entire film, and he has a really strange habit of putting random objects in his pants. Captain America, on the other hand, is played by Aytekin Akkaya, a well-known Turkish action film star who also starred in Turkish Star Wars.

What do you think of 3 Dev Adam?


What is your opinion on 3 Dev Adam?


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