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So far [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) is looking better and better with each trailer or TV spot. The personalities of the turtles seem spot on, the effects look great, the comedy REALLY gets me to laugh, and the action looks like a lot of fun. In the newest TV spot which you can see here:

Through his goggles, Donatello (my favorite turtle ever) sees that the Foot grunt is wielding a gun to he shrieks, "Oh my gosh, they have guns!" I laughed really good there. From that a fellow commenter and I decided to create a meme off this. By having this picture:

Be followed by something really bad or scary. Example:

I loved X-Men First Class but January Jones' performance was PAINFUL as Emma Frost. So that's my idea for a meme. Hope you all enjoy it! Spread it around and make your own memes!


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