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Get in, nerds: Moviepilot is going to Comic-Con! All great trips require great tunes, especially for those of us that generally detest long commutes. For this year's San Diego Comic-Con, I'll be road tripping from Los Angeles, so I've whipped up nearly three hours of music to jam to on the way down via Spotify.

While a chunk of the songs are straight from an assortment of geeky movies and TV, I also made sure to select tunes that reminded me of my favorite heroes, sci-fi movies, and fandoms. That said, here are a few of those non-soundtrack picks with descriptions on why I chose them!

The fast way.
The fast way.

She Blinded Me with Science - Thomas Dolby

This one's pretty obvious, because in sci-fi, comics, and other forms of geek media, some of the greatest characters (in my opinion) are lady scientists. From Orphan Black's Cosima to Jane Foster in Thor, female scientists in comics, tv and movies often play a key role within storylines. This one's also a bit of a throwback to my childhood when I almost religiously watched Dragon Ball on Telemundo, co-starring the girl genius Bulma.

Two Against One - Jack White

Often in superhero stories, the greatest problems a hero must face is their own identity: Batman struggles to hold close relationships due to the fact that being remotely related to him often gets killed; Jean Grey has died more than once due to her incredible powers and a lack of will to control them; Superboy has Daddy issues. This one's for the internal struggles and the incredible stories that come from them.

Martian Girl - The Aquabats

This one's pretty simple: While watching Young Justice, Miss Martian went from my absolute least favorite character to one of my favorites. I adore her now. Also, the Aquabats belong on a geek playlist.

Catch Me Now I'm Falling - The Kinks

This is Captain America calling

I bailed you out when you were down on your knees

So will you catch me now I'm falling

Outside of the direct reference to Captain America, this is another theme one finds in comics: the fallen hero in need of help from his friends. This rings with me because I highly enjoyed reading through all of the Young Avengers stories, and almost all of them are about friendship and supporting those you care about.

Hall H, here I come!
Hall H, here I come!

Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse - Of Montreal

Ah, freak accidents! Whether it's a radioactive spider or being dumped into a vat of dangerous chemicals, many of our favorite superheroes (and villains) have come to be thanks to lack of proper lab gear.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us - Sparks

I cheated: this song has been featured in a few movies and shows, including Kick-Ass, but I just had to include it. The title itself is such a classic line and can be relative to any superhero and their arch nemesis. It’s also just a really neat song.

Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer - The Radioactive Chicken Heads

First, let's talk about the band: The Radioactive Chicken Heads are a massive band here in Los Angeles and have been for much longer than I've lived here. While one could easily call this performance art punk, I prefer to refer to it as insane. Their shows are energetic and you can tell that they're massive nerds (at least I could, given that they opened for The Protomen - who are also featured on this playlist - the first time I saw them live). With that in mind, this song represents a scifi/horror superhero, which happens to be one of my favorite genre combos (and, honestly, one of the most neglected in my opinion). If you dig this tune, feel free to check out the rest of their music here. (I recommend I Looked into the Mirror)

Cruise to nearly three hours of music by clicking here and saving it on Spotify. Now, off you go!

This is kind of what Driving in SoCal is like.
This is kind of what Driving in SoCal is like.

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