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Weird Al is a brilliant man. You might have heard his new album Mandatory Fun was released this past Tuesday (July 15), and he is currently taking over the internet with a NEW music video every day for 8 days.

If you haven't heard any of his new material yet, then I suggest you head over to right now!

Now that you're all caught up, let's have a look back at the start of Yankovic's career. In 1989, only a few years after his hit song "Eat It" was released, Al co-wrote and starred in his very own feature length film UHF. The movie was a satire of the television and film industries, also starring Michael Richards, Fran Drescher, and Victoria Jackson.

It brought the failing studio Orion their highest test scores since the movie RoboCop. However, it was unsuccessful in theaters due to both poor critical reception and competition from other summer blockbusters at the time.

UHF has since become a cult classic and one of my favorite films of all time! It shows every aspect of Weird Al's talent. If you have a chance, you should be able to pick up a DVD copy at most stores for around $5. Definitely worth the investment for a movie that will bring you endless enjoyment.


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