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Sad to say folks, but the CW's [Arrow](series:720988) and Flash will not connect to the DC Cinematic Universe, which was confirmed today by DC Comics' Geoff Johns. The reason why isn't due to the fact that they can't ESTABLISH such said universe, but due to the fact that the guys over at DC did not want to make the writers on Arrow and Flash do more work in order to connect the both universes. So that should clear everything up. If you're disappointed, don't feel alone, as someone like me who really wanted to see this happen just had all his hopes and dreams shut down with this news.

Below is a tweet from TV Guide confirming the separation.

DC's Geoff Johns sayst DC wants to keep its film and TV universes separate. Doesn't want TV writers to try to fit shows into the movies— TV Guide (@TVGuide) July 18, 2014


Do you think DC made the right move?


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