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Justin Driver

Ok, so when you peruse through the internet, you're bound to find something stupid. I did and it happens to be some pretty fancy bootleg toys! Let me show you my favorite!

1. Superman Returns (With a Dinosaur?)

Why does Superman need a Dino exactly?

2. Call of Duty Spiderman

You know... I just don't remember my favorite hero using an M16. Do you? I must've totally missed that issue.

3. Super Heroes Justice League!

Um, so, it doesn't exactly include anything to do with the Justice League really, but, what the heck, Naruto!

4. Gao Rangers DinoThunder

I guess Spidey, (a bad) Superman, Batman, Hulk, and Mr. Incredible became the freakin' Power Rangers over night or something.

5. Superman Big Alliance

Okay, so Shrek and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Thing and our beloved Spiderman can be in the SUPERMAN Big Alliance but not, I don't know... SUPERMAN?!

6. Transformable Thomas

Not only is he a train for the kids but also a Transformer for the ladies.

7. Outdoor Heroes

Oh, look! It's Spiderman's hillbilly toothless cousins!

These are all pretty sad and pathetic and a whole lot of hilarious but which one was your favorite, Moviepilot?


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