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Justin Driver

Okay so, this article came to me after watching Girl Meets World. There were so many shows from the '90s that deserved a spinoff or at the very least, a sequel.

Heres what I think regarding a spinoff:

DJ Tanner - Full House

I think she deserves this! It would be nice to see DJ in college at Berkeley, where she was accepted at the end of the series. Or how she has her own huge family and uses the same morales her father used but in our modern world.

Laura Winslow - Family Matters

I don't know how her new storyline would really go but, I think that her character was strong enough with many complex issues that could go on to carry her own coming of age story. Plus, we'd have more Urkel!

Eric Matthews - Boy Meets World

Now I know, Justin, Boy Meets World already has a strong sequel... but hear me out. Eric was the comedy of the series and it would have been nice to see him be himself and reflect on just that more. At the end of the series, he had graduated from Pennbrook and moved to New York City. This seems like the perfect setup for an Eric TV show! Man Meets New York perhaps?! See what I did there?


Who Should Have Their Own Spinoff?


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