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Plot of the film

In 1961, the ark, a cybertronian spacecraft carrying an invention capable of ending the war between the benevolent autobots and the malevolent decepticons, crash lands on the dark side of earth's moon.

The crash is detected on earth by NASA, and president John F. Kennedy authorizes a mission to put a man on the moon as a cover for investigating the craft.

In 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 lands on the moon.

In the present, the autobots assist the United States military in preventing conflicts around the globe.

during a mission to chernobyl to investigate suspected alien technology, optimus prime finds an engine part from the ark, discovering that it had survived its journey from cybertron.

The autobots are attacked by shockwave, who manages to escape. After learning of the top-secret mission to the moon, the autobots travel there to explore the ark.

They discover a comatose sentinel prime – optimus' predecessor as leader of the autobots – and the pillars he created as a means of establishing a space bridge between two points to teleport matter.

After returning to earth, optimus uses the energy of the matrix of leadership to revive sentinel prime.

Meanwhile, sam witwicky is frustrated that he is unable to work with the autobots or find a job.

He also becomes envious of the close relationship between his new girlfriend, carly spencer, and her boss dylan gould.

After finding work, sam is provided information by his eccentric co-worker jerry wang about the ark, before jerry is assassinated by the decepticon laserbeak.

sam contacts the now-independently wealthy seymour simmons, and together they learn that the decepticons and their leader, megatron, are murdering people connected to the American and Russian space missions to the ark.

They locate two surviving russian cosmonauts, who reveal satellite photos of hundreds of pillars being stockpiled on the Moon.

sam realizes that the decepticons raided the ark long before the autobots' mission and intentionally left sentinel and five pillars behind to lure the autobots into a trap – sentinel being the key to activating the pillars and the decepticons lacking the means to revive him.

The autobots rush to return sentinel to their base for protection, but sentinel betrays them and kills the autobot ironhide, revealing he had made a deal with megatron to ensure the survival of the cybertronian race.

sentinel uses the pillars to transport hundreds of concealed decepticons from the moon to earth.

carly is captured by gould, who is revealed to be in the service of the decepticons.

The autobots are exiled from earth at the demand of the decepticons to avoid war, but as their ship leaves earth it is destroyed by megatron's second-in-command, starscream, supposedly killing the autobots.

The decepticons, led by megatron and sentinel, seize chicago as their agents place pillars around the world.

gould reveals to Carly that the decepticons plan to transport their home world of cybertron to the solar system, then to enslave humanity and use earth's resources to rebuild their world.

sam teams with U.S. air force chief robert epps to go into chicago to save carly, but they are nearly killed by decepticon forces before the autobots intervene, revealing they concealed themselves during the launch of their ship to convince the decepticons they were destroyed, as well as to prove to the humans that the decepticons were untrustworthy.

Working together, the autobots and human soldiers manage to rescue carly and kill laserbeak, starscream, soundwave, barricade, shockwave, and the driller, with optimus using shockwave's arm-cannon to blast the control pillar, disabling the space bridge.

sam confronts gould as he reactivates the control pillar, and knocks gould into the pillar, killing him.

Bumblebee and ratchet arrive and destroy the control pillar, permanently disabling the bridge and causing the partially transported cybertron to implode.

Optimus and sentinel fight while carly convinces megatron that he will be replaced as leader of the decepticons by sentinel and become his bitch.

sentinel severs optimus' right arm, and is about to execute him when megatron intervenes, incapacitating sentinel.

megatron asks optimus for a truce, having the desire to become the one in charge of the decepticons again.

optimus refuses and attacks megatron, decapitating and killing him. sentinel pleads for his life, but optimus executes him too for betraying his own principles.

With the decepticons defeated, carly and sam are reunited and the autobots accept that, with cybertron gone for good, earth is now their home.

New Auto-bots and Decpticons

Auto-bot sentinel prime
Auto-bot sentinel prime
Auto-bot wheeljack/que demise
Auto-bot wheeljack/que demise
wreckers leadfoot,topspin,roadbuster
wreckers leadfoot,topspin,roadbuster
Wreckers leadfoot,topspin,roadbuster fighting
Wreckers leadfoot,topspin,roadbuster fighting
soundwave with leaserbeak
soundwave with leaserbeak
starscream demise
starscream demise
ironhide demise
ironhide demise

Domestic Total Gross: $352,390,543

sam with carly  aka new sexy girlfriend
sam with carly aka new sexy girlfriend
rosie huntington-whitele new character
rosie huntington-whitele new character
bye bye megan fox
bye bye megan fox

Reason for her leaving

What People Think of Her Not Me

Megan Fox's potty mouth cost her a major, major job.

When Fox, 25, left the mega-successful Transformers franchise last year -- replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Transformers: Dark of the Moon -- everyone involved with the project remained mum.

Criticism is one thing," star Shia LaBeouf reasons. "Then there's public name-calling, which turns into high school bashing.

Which you can't do. She started s***-talking our captain."

Bay insists he "wasn't hurt" by Fox's snipe. "Because I know that's just Megan. Megan loves to get a response.

And she does it in kind of the wrong way. I'm sorry, Megan. I'm sorry I made you work twelve hours.

I'm sorry that I'm making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy."

Fox even sent her own white flag -- a text message -- to Bay three months ago, he says.

"She said, 'I hope you're doing well.'...When you're days and months on a set, it's like a family.

You say rude things and you make up."

Megan Fox caused quite a stir last year when she declined to reprise her role as Mikaela Banes in this summer's Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Now star Shia LaBeouf has revealed exactly what went down.

In an interview with Hero Complex, LaBeouf explained that Fox no longer wanted to deal with director Michael Bay's sometimes abrasive on-set style and his adolescent approach to filming women (the actress famously compared Bay to Hitler at one point).

LaBeouf said:

"Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [stuff] that made her feel awkward about her involvement with Michael, who some people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women.

Mike films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality.

It's summer. It's Michael's style.

And I think [Fox] never got comfortable with it.

This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America.

And she had a hard time accepting it.

When Mike would ask her to do specific things, there was no time for fluffy talk. We're on the run.

And the one thing Mike lacks is tact.

There's no time for [LaBeouf assumes a gentle voice] 'I would like you to just arch your back 70 degrees.'"

LaBeouf added that Fox's replacement, Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was much more accepting of Bay's antics when she took the role of new love interest Carly:

"Rosie comes with this Victoria's Secret background, and she's comfortable with it, so she can get down with Mike's way of working and it makes the whole set vibe very different."

As for the relationship between LaBeouf's character, Sam Witwicky, and his new girlfriend, the actor said, "It's a different female energy than he experienced with Mikaela, who was a very cold biker chick.

This woman's more of a maternal, loving type. Sam wants a domestic, eggs-in-the-morning kind of a thing."

We'll see if Huntington-Whitely erases memories of Fox when Transformers: Dark of the Moon arrives on June 29.

Do you think Fox was right to leave the franchise? What do you make of Bay's treatment of women in his films? Is it suitable for this material, or does he need to grow up a little?

In the aftermath of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen critical lashing and lackluster reaction from many fans (despite enormous commercial success), director Michael Bay was caught-up in a number of uncomfortable conversations. While the negative reaction to the infamous robot Twins, Skids and Mudflap continues to rage-on, the exit of Megan Fox, Bay’s leading lady (whose career the director essentially jump-started) was arguably the most awkward – and left a lot of uncertainty as to what affect the departure would have on Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Following the casting of Bay’s new Victoria’s Secret model-turned-leading lady, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and with the next Transformers film less than one month away, cast member Shia LaBeouf is discussing how Fox’s departure affected the Transformers: Dark of the Moon on-set vibe.

Speaking with Hero Complex, LaBeouf certainly indicates that Huntington-Whiteley improved the Transformers work environment, but it’s somewhat hard to tell whether or not either of the high-profile actresses (or potentially Bay himself) will take his comments as praise or a slight.

Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [stuff] that made her feel awkward about her involvement with Michael, who some people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women.

Mike films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality.

It’s summer. It’s Michael’s style. And I think Fox never got comfortable with it.

This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America.

And she had a hard time accepting it.

When Mike would ask her to do specific things, there was no time for fluffy talk.

We’re on the run. And the one thing Mike lacks is tact.

There’s no time for LaBeouf assumes a gentle voice] ‘I would like you to just arch your back 70 degrees.’”

While the comment is obviously tongue-in-cheek, LaBeouf paints an uncomfortable picture of a Transformers shooting day – not to mention the potentially inflammatory description of Bay “filming women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality.”

Obviously, LaBeouf is just calling it like he sees it, but it’s unwise to assume that Bay will just go ahead and take the assertion as a charming compliment.

Similarly, LeBeouf seems to be, at some level, praising Fox for being an empowered leading lady – while at the same time undermining that strength by comparing her to a Spice Girl and asserting that, as a result, she was difficult to work with and incompatible with Bay’s approach to filmmaking.

That said, it’s no surprise to hear LaBeouf praise his new love-interest, but besides the compliment/criticism directed at Fox, the actor then proceeds to lay out a somewhat bizarre picture of Huntington-Whitley – pointing out that the Victoria’s Secret model is better-suited for a Bay shoot – i.e. one geared toward “16-year-old sexuality.”

Rosie comes with this Victoria’s Secret background, and she’s comfortable with it, so she can get down with Mike’s way of working and it makes the whole set vibe very different.”

Even when LaBeouf directs his attention to the film itself, there’s still a hint of the actor’s feelings about his two leading-ladies:

“Sam’s sort of frustrated.

He has no purpose in life. When he was with the Autobots, he had purpose.

He was needed.

But he’s got this very supportive girl [Huntington-Whitley's Carly Miller] who’s having him go to these job interviews and trying to nurture him, get him back on his feet.

It’s a different female energy than he experienced with Mikaela, who was a very cold biker chick.

This woman’s more of a maternal, loving type.

Sam wants a domestic, eggs-in-the-morning kind of a thing.”

No doubt LaBeouf is in a tough spot: he has to roll with the punches he’s been dealt here; performers and directors have falling-outs and replacements are cast all the time.

The industry is an awkward place where someone like LaBeouf has to toe the line between promoting the film he’s out there to sell, while also communicating his feelings in a way that isn’t mean-spirited or alienating.

Still, while LaBeouf may have genuinely been aiming to compliment everyone here, there is still a lot of room for miscommunication and misconception in his wording.

With a month left until the release of Bay’s final Transformers film we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how the LaBeouf/Huntington-Whitley dynamic plays-out on screen.

Love or hate Megan Fox (much like LaBeouf seems to assert), there’s no doubt that she had a big impact on the franchise – and left some large shoes to fill.

As Lars von Trier knows, comparing a film director to Hitler – even if it's yourself – is rarely wise.

And it's now been confirmed by Michael Bay that it was Megan Fox's remarks likening Bay to the German dictator that led to her being dismissed from the Transformers franchise.

Speaking ahead of the 4 July premiere of Transformers 3, in which British model Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley replaced Fox as the female lead, Bay has revealed it was the film's executive producer, Steven Spielberg, who demanded Fox's dismissal.

Bay said: "You know the Hitler thing? Steven (Spielberg) said, fire her right now."

Fox, 25, made the offending remarks to British magazine Wonderland shortly before production was scheduled to begin on the third instalment of the franchise. "He's like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous madman reputation," she said of Bay.

"He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he's a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he's not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he's so awkward, so hopelessly awkward.

He has no social skills at all. And it's endearing to watch him.

He's vulnerable and fragile in real life and then on set he's a tyrant.

Shia [Labeouf] and I almost die when we make a Transformers movie.

He has you do some really insane things that insurance would never let you do."

At the time, Fox's departure was credited to her desire to pursue other acting opportunities.

Bay's appointment of Fox was not universally popular. In an open letter posted on Michael Bay's website, a Transformers crew member disparaged Bay's decision to cast her over more experienced actors.

"He told everyone around to just trust him on his choice … she became one of the most Googled and [ogled] women on earth.

She was famous! She was the next Angelina Jolie, hooray! Wait a minute, two of us worked with Angelina.

Second thought: she's no Angelina.

You see, Angelina is a professional.

We know this quite intimately because we've had the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox on both Transformers movies."

Here are some reviews of what people think of the movie

So what do i think of the film well...

I loved it i think it is better then the first and the second film. Out of all the films i like this one and fourth Transformers age of Extinction.

They are both good and have lot of battles and fighting scenes.

lot of stuff goes on lots of people die and we lose Ironhide sadly.

But the deaths aren't close to over.

It seems like in all of the films you lose a auto-bot. The first film Transformers 2007 Jazz Dies.

But the second film Transfomers Revenge of the Fall i don't think you really lose any important auto-bots.

Transformers age of Extinction 4 you lose Ratchet.

Over all if you can get over the deaths of the auto-bots then you will love all four of these movies.

Last you might have wondered what happened to these two ?

skids head
skids head

Back in May of 2010, Transformers director Michael Bay wrote that the offensive creatures Skids and Mudflaps would not be in Transformers 3.

Then why were they on the T3 set? Now updated with an answer!

No one has forgotten the horrific racial caricatures from Transformers 2, in the shape of Transformer twins Skids and Mudflaps.

Even movie scribes Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci admitted they were embarrassed by the end result (especially the gold tooth).

From an interview with Film School Rejects:

Orci: Number one, we sympathize. Yes, the gold tooth was not in the script, that's true.

Kurtzman: It's really hard for us to sit here and try to justify it.

I think that would be very foolish, and if someone wants to be offended by it, it's their right.

We were very surprised when we saw it, too, and it's a choice that was made.

If anything, it just shows you that we don't control every aspect of the movie.

But it looks like that's not stopping T3 from putting these monsters back into the film.

TFW2005 has a collection of images (also from May of 2010) of two Chevy Sparks with the same Skids and Muds colors (orange and green) that are supposedly from the T3 set.

These pictures are a year old, so it's totally possibly that Bay has had the sense to cut ALL sign of the beasts out of his film.

Which would be a very wise move.

Then again, he did insist Megatron wasn't in T2 — and he and his robot cape were very much a large part of the sequel.

So who knows? Either way, Transformers 3 is sure to offend.

Don't forget the mullet-haired NASCAR bots we spotted in the film.

UPDATE: The studio has confirmed that Skids and Mudflap are not in Transformers 3.

Makidian says....

I grew up in a half piece of shit neighborhood surrounded by bigger piece of shit neighborhoods and ghetto's.

It was also the white ghetto's and there was at least one crack house close by anywhere you went.

I have never in my entire life with the crowds that I ran with encountered black people that talked the way Skids and Mudflap do, not once, but I have known several white people that both talk and act that way.

I know at least one that both sounds and enunciates like them.

Jonn is right, they are not racial caricatures, they are robot "wiggers", and they also don't have to be white to act that way since just about any person from any cultural background can become enamored in gang culture as they see it.

The fact that a lot of people seem to think they are racial stereotypes/caricatures is quite astounding.

I didn't find them offensive in the least, nor did I find them funny, but I never once thought they were actually making some statement about black people.

It says a lot more about the people that made a huge deal about it then anything else. Sure they were kind of annoying, but they were a little bit funny.

In reality it's a thinly veiled attempt to give one more reason why Transformers and Michael Bay don't belong together.

Not one of my friends complained about those two little robots and and when I brought it up one day after reading about it online they just laughed with the general consensus of people making a big deal about nothing.

Most of us grew up in the same neighborhood and/or went to the same schools so regional views could vary I suppose.

Michael bay said this

it was revealed in the first (since edited) review of the full version of Transformers Dark of the Moon that the Twins are indeed in the film but have been significantly toned down from their debut in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

Now Director Michael Bay is striking back.

He continues to stand by his vehement denials that the highly controversial Skids and Mudflap will not be in the third installment of the giant robot franchise and has offered up $25,000 to whomever can spot them in the film.

"After the Internet posting of a nice review by someone who saw [the film], the writer had not been clear on one thing," Mr. Bay writes on his official website Shoot For the Edit. "He misstated that the Twins are in the film. They are not.

"So I am offering a $25,000 REWARD to anyone who can find them performing in Transformers 3, on July 1, when the movie opens," he proclaims.

The posting does not state how to claim this reward if they spot the characters.

It should be noted that the AICN reviewer has provided an update to his review, stating that he was not referring to Skids and Mudflap, but "smaller robots," such as Wheelie, that act like "streetwise teenagers."

Mr. Bay explains the sightings of Mudlfap and Skids in the trailer: "Trailer houses sometimes use shots that are not in the movie! End [of] story[.] I'm don't [sic] wasting my time [on] this!"

Get the scoop on all the Transformers updates as they happen right here at

The best resource for all your Transformers news and reviews every day.

So what do you think do you like this film ?

Do you wish skids and mudflap were in this film ?

Do you find them racist ?


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