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Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has officially been announced to star in the upcoming CW series The Flash, which is a spin-off of the highly successful hit superhero series Arrow starring Stephen Amell. His character will be none other than Captain Cold, whose secret identity in the comics is Leonard Snart.

While The Flash may or may not use Leonard's backstory, it should be noted that its one of trajedy and could make nearly any heart sink! Take a listen to this:

Leonard Snart was raised by an abusive father and took refuge with his grandfather, who worked in an ice truck. When his grandfather died, Len grew tired of his father's abuse and set out to start a criminal career. Snart joined up with a group of small-time thieves and in planning out a robbery, each was issued a gun and a visor to protect their eyes against the flashes of gunfire. This visor design would later be adapted by Snart into his trademark costume. In recent years he has added a radio receiver to them which picks up the police band to monitor local law enforcement.

Wow! Well, that spiralled downhill fairly quickly. Am I the only one who's noticed both superheroes and supervillains have tragic backstories, but the villian mindset is "I've been wronged, so I can justify my bad actions" while the heroes is "I've been wronged, let me help make a difference so other people don't experience the same thing"? This seems to reoccur often.

The Flash airs on CW this coming fall after Arrow on October 7th, 2014.


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