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When Vin Diesel's mystery Marvel role was revealed to be Groot from [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), fans were excited, but devastated at the thought that Vin might not be up for future Marvel roles such as the character Black Bolt in which Diesel is a major fan-favorite for.

The Inhumans movie has been talked about and on the table for quite awhile now, and was suggested to be closely entangled around the same time as the creative origins of the soon-to-be [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) movie from the studio. Here's what Kevin Feige had to say about Vin:

"He really is a force of nature. I was always a fan. But I’ve really grown to respect him and love what he does and what he stands for. So certainly someday. Right now I’m just so happy that the Groot thing worked out and that he’s embraced it in the way that he has. But I think there are any number of places that he could fit in a live-action way."

Vin is not only known by Marvel fans by his role as Groot, but also by his mysterious lore about the "merging of brands" that he says will happen in the 2016/2017 time period. With Marvel having announced 3 release dates for 2017, it seems more likely we'll have to wait for this mysterious merging of brands, however, we the fans are definitely willing to wait!

Could this merging of brands be the Inhumans joining up with [The Avengers](movie:9040)? Everything would start to make sense if that were the case. Sound off with your opinions below!


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