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There have been several names swirling around recently for the CW-DC-Verse, but most of them have been for Arrow. Many of these have actually been confirmed, while some, for now, are just rumours. I take it upon myself to inform you of these, that you may or may not have already heard of.

Let's start with the unsure appearances

Rumored Characters:

  • Blue Beetle: This character isn't a longshot for the show, considering we've seen Kord Industries on the show, an obvious connection to Ted Kord, one of the Blue Beetles, and there is a character announced to appear named Daniel. Daniel happens to be the first name of the first Blue Beetle, Dan Garret
  • Nightwing: CW's Vampire Diaries alum Steven R. McQueen has been teasing that he has been cast as Nightwing on Arrow.
  • Green Lantern (Specifically John Stewart): There is a fan theory that Diggle is actually Stewart using an alias.
  • Ra's Al Ghul: The Demon's Head (Is that it?) has been rumored to appear soon, and the name attached to him most frequently is former Mummy actor Oded Fehr.

    Confirmed Characters:

    • The Atom/Ray Parker: Brandon Routh has been cast in the role of the World's Smallest Superhero.
    • Katana: Devon Aoki will be portraying her.

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