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American Psycho has got to be one of my all time favorite movies. It's like an incredibly funny psychological thriller, and has been done ever so well. In all honesty though, I think what I like most about this movie is that it's more of a social commentary than anything else, which the majority of people may not even realize.

If there's one thing that does really suck about this movie, it's that (like the book) it has an ambiguous ending - meaning that it was unclear as to whether Patrick Bateman really did kill all those people, or if he imagined it all in his head. I HATE ambiguous endings, so I had to stop and have a think about the different possibilities. So although this is open to discussion and debate (obviously) here's MY interpretation of the ending.

So to start off with, I would say there are three different American Psycho endings that people would guess at. One - Patrick killed absolutely no one, is totally insane and imagined the whole thing. Two - Patrick killed every single person we saw him murder, but no one believed him when he admitted to it, and three - Patrick killed everyone except for Paul Allen, as he had imagined killing Paul in his head.

I would guess at the second theory - Patrick really DID kill all those people, but absolutely no one believed him - and here's why I think that:

So first of all, Patrick Bateman and his colleagues are all upper-class yuppies, so wrapped up in their own personal lives that they really couldn't care less about other people - even Bateman's own lawyer didn't know what his name was, mistaking him for someone else.

Patrick is told by his lawyer that he had dinner with Paul Allen twice, ten days earlier in London - which leads Bateman to believe that he really never did kill Paul. My theory is that since these upper class businessmen can barely tell each other apart due to such high self importance - it is quite possible that it wasn't even Paul Allen that Patrick's lawyer had dinner with those ten days ago, meaning that yes - Patrick did really "chop Allen's f*cking head off".

Or you could of course look at it this way - Patrick killed everyone except for Paul Allen, and the lawyer really did have dinner with him. Due to Patrick's high profile, the lawyer (along with everyone else) seems to think that he's just trying to take a joke way too far, because it is absolutely impossible for someone of his standards to commit such a crime.

The conclusion of the story really isn't quite as clear in the movie as it is in the book, as in the book it is made quite apparent that yes, Bateman really did kill absolutely everyone. So anyway, that's my take on it - yes, Patrick did kill all those people, and more than likely Paul Allen too.

So what do you think, do you agree with me, or do you still believe that it was all in his head? Either way, I'd love to hear someone else's take my 'American Psycho' ending - so tell me in the comments below!


Do you think Patrick Bateman killed all those people?


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