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A few months ago, I was talking to a friend over Facebook about some Marvel movie plots I had thought up. Several minutes ago, I came across them. These, pilots, are ideas I have for some things I think need to happen in the MCU.

Captain Marvel

Captain Mar-Vell Movie, introducing Mar-Vell and a reference or something to Genis-Vell.

Captain Mar-Vell 2, (or 3) should have Mar-Vell dying, his son Genis-Vell taking up the Marvel mantle, and a human also assuming the Marvel name. (Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel)

[Doctor Strange](movie:559685)

Doctor Strange movie, introducing Stephen Strange, Wong, The Ancient One, and Baron Mordo, and showing his and Baron Mordo's learning sorcery, him becoming Sorcerer Supreme, and Mordo fighting him. Then at the end in the post/mid-credits, Mordo is seen facing a bright red glow offscreen, and talking to it.

Doctor Strange 2, Mordo has returned with Dormammu, the 'bright red glow' in the post credits I just mentioned, and they wreak havoc, and Doctor Strange is forced to stop them.

The [Black Panther](movie:9047)

The Black Panther Movie, taking place after A2AOU, where Ultron had gone to Wakanda to get vibranium, more than likely what'll happen, with T'Challa looking to find out about these "Avengers", and joining them at the end, with Bruce Banner recruiting him.


Nova Movie, this could just be morphed together with one of the Mar-Vell movies, too, instead.

The Invaders

The Invaders movie, taking place after Cap getting frozen. Namor, the Human Torch, (Not Johnny Storm, so they can do that) Toro, and maybe the failed wannabe Cap and Bucky team Jack Monroe and the fake Steve Rogers, and then before the movie ends, Monroe and Pseudo-Rogers going insane and the team is forced to defeat them, Toro is killed, the torch is dismantled, and Namor goes into exile, and rejects heroism.

The Defenders

The Defenders movie, with the lineup starting out with just the Hulk and Doctor Strange, and throughout the course of the movie, they recruit Namor, who decides to come out of retirement, and they also recruit Luke Cage and Daredevil, (who are both in Netflix shows) which would bring them into the MCU.

Minor Details

A brief moment in the next Thor movie, introducing Thunderstrike and Beta Ray Bill.

Winter Soldier & Black Widow Movie, shows Bucky after the events of CA2 and more than likely A2AOU, and could start the Bucky-Widow romance in the comics. it could be called, like, Winter & Widow, maybe.

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) 1 or 2 should introduce Adam Warlock, since he's connected to Thanos.

Have a Thor movie introducing, and later spinning off Hercules, and Marvel's Greek world in general.

Wonder Man should be in one of the lesser movies, Ant Man 2 or Bucky & Widow, and it should show him being sent to jail by Tony Stark, and him trying to get to the Avengers, but being stopped by the title hero, realizing he's wrong, and going good.

Have She-Hulk and Doc Samson appear in a Hulk movie, helping him fight Red Hulk and Abomination, maybe?

Then have one final epic Marvel Studios movie with all of these characters, and sidekicks like Loki, Rescue, War Machine, Falcon, etc. showing up to help fight a greater evil, like Thanos or someone.

Other Movies That Should Happen

Namor: The Sub Mariner

Ka-Zar & The Savage Land

Blade (Recast fourth movie)

Punisher: War Journal

Moon Knight


The New Avengers (Consisting of Sentry, Spider-Woman, Namor, Falcon/Bucky as Cap, Ms. Marvel, and the Black Panther)


Do you approve of these ideas?


Did you have a particular favorite?


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