ByMeg Jonǝs, writer at
Meg Jonǝs

Congratulations to Mr. Richard Cunningham for winning the Prizeo competition! As we all know, Mark Ruffalo recently had a competition with probably one of the greatest prizes you could offer: Hang out with the Hulk actor for a day on the set of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron! All he asked for in return was a small donation to Water Defense.

The campaign raised over a whopping $180,000 for the charity (with a small contribution by myself) and even if you didn't win, you got to feel good about donating a little to charity.

This is something Richard Cunningham felt strongly about when he wrote,

"The Hulk is recognized as a hero... but Mark Ruffalo and Prizeo proved themselves as even bigger heroes raising more than $180,000 for the Water Defense Fund. Just being able to help with that was all the prize I needed. But I won't turn this fantastic trip down, either!"

Even though I'm quite gutted that I didn't win and I'm sure many of you are to! We can still congratulate Mr. Cunningham and hope he has the best time for us all with Mark Ruffalo.


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