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In Bong Joon-ho's Sci-Fi epic Snowpiercer the last vestiges of humanity circle the earth in a massive Super- Train powered by a perpetual motion engine-- the poor living a packed and dirty existence in the caboose and the upper crust living in catered luxury in coach cars near the locomotive. Snowpiercer is the hidden gem of the summer, and even though it was given a brief limited opening and unceremoniously dumped onto cable Video-On-Demand channels, it is well worth seeking out.

Now, the Japanese are developing their own deluxe liner. Called the "Cruise Train", it will consist of five suites, one deluxe suite, two glass-walled observation cars, a dining car and lounge. The suites each have their own private bathroom with a shower and toilet. The deluxe suite features a split level design with a top sleeping space with a traditional Japanese dining area and two double beds on the bottom level for kids, in-laws, other relations or friends. The Observation Carriage at the front of the train, which eerily looks like the coach car that Peeta and Katniss traveled in during their Victory Tour in The Hunger Games, allows riders to see the tracks ahead.

The Cruise Train was commissioned by Japan's JR East railway company. It has ten carriages and is capable of running on both electric and standard train tracks and can carry 34 passengers. It is expected to cost a little over $50 million and be fully operational by 2017.

Renowned former GM, Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati designer Ken Okuyama over saw the train's concept development.

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