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Notice the Comic Book sitting on his lap.
Notice the Comic Book sitting on his lap.

Reasons Why Cage Would Make The Perfect Cage….

I know i’m going to get lambasted for this unpopular opinion but here it goes. Honestly I think the best choice for casting of Luke Cage is none other than Nicolas Cage. Now hear me out.

It is well known that Nicolas Cage is a HUGE and I mean HUGE comic book fan as he used comics to escape his mundane existence when he was a young lad. He knows these characters inside and out therefore he can play the role very easily. Luke Cage was one of his all time favorites as well.

Nicolas Cage took the name of Luke Cage and changed it from Coppola to Cage to avoid any favoritism in Hollywood due to being apart of the famous Coppola acting family. His uncle is world famous director Francis Ford Coppola who is the director of The Godfather trilogy. Nicolas Cage wanted to carve out his own path and make it on his own in the business.

Nicolas Cage has already proven that he can take on a super hero role in a Marvel movie as he was cast as Ghost Rider twice. Nicolas Cage did a fantastic job with the Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze character. Cage is a superior and talented actor that can do anything. Hes an academy award winner. Who’s to say that once you are cast as a specific character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe you cant take on other characters? I mean Chris Evans did it as The Human Torch in Fantastic Four and now as Captain America in Captain America and [The Avengers](movie:9040). So that is pretty much ruled out.

Who is to say that Luke cant be white in the movie? I mean in the movie DareDevil The King Pin was black when in the comics he was white. Plus with all of the changes Marvel is making now days in the comics with the new Thor being a chick and the new Captain America being black does it really matter who plays the part of Luke Cage? I mean Marvel does not always stick to the strict comic book story line when it comes to casting anyway. Marvel is going to do what Marvel is going to do especially now that its own by Disney. You’re going to have those fans who are pissed and those fans that are elated. So sit back and just enjoy already.

Cage being cast as Cage in the Marvel Movie would be awesome to see. Cage knows Cages character inside and out and who better to play the role. I for one am keeping an open mind about this. Lets make this happen Marvel. GET CAGED!


Do You Think That Nicolas Cage Would Make The Perfect Luke Cage?


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