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This is my first article so Nice to meet you all. Please join me in settling a debate.

I was having a debate with my good friend on the merits of The Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether Spiderman should be a part of it or whether it is better to keep things as they are now and enjoy seeing him swinging solo.

My friend feels that the Marvel cinematic Universe is already crowded with an Army of heroes that would make it difficult for Spiderman to thrive within it and is such a fan of Andrew Garfield in the role that he is also nervous at the prospect of anyone else playing Spidey. He also feels that as the character is currently a separate entity it means more stories relating to a large crop of Spiderman characters like Venom that keep Spiderman at the center of his own universe.

I unsurprisingly see things different. I would like to see a united MCU where Spidey can swing onto stark tower. I also see no reason why he would need to be rebooted either as I agree Andrew Garfield has so far captured the essence of Peter Parker and Spiderman amazingly well. As Spiderman happened to be the first hero brought to the screen in the 21st century audiences are already well acquainted with his back story. This fact allows us to have him appear fully formed popping up with the Avengers and rendering them assistance and opens the path to standalone films through that route.

What do you all think?


Should Spiderman be part of the MCU? Or keep flying solo?


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