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Check out our opinion on the movie Sex Tape:

In the film industry, it seems one of the most difficult things to do is make a truly funny comedy. It has to be clever, unexpected, and the humor must arrive from the characters. Above all else it has to make the audience actually laugh. Unfortunately, Sex Tape is not a comedy that meets the criteria. The plot isn’t that interesting to begin with. It feels more suited for an episode of The Big Bang Theory or every other TV sitcom every produced. When a plot like this is in a half hour sitcom, it is funny because it’s short, and cuts straight to the point. However watching an hour and a half theatrically released movie try to use a sitcom plot is almost unbearable. This results in a lot of scenes that go on for too long and aren’t funny at all. Watching the movie trying to be funny is so frustrating. It’s got every thing that a mainstream R-rated comedy needs including nudity, sex jokes, and people shouting fuck every now and then in a comedic fashion. Throughout 99.99% of the movie, the jokes fail in spectacular ways and it just leaves you annoyed because of how unfunny it can be. For example there is a scene where Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz have to take away her bosses iPad in order to remove the sex tape. It results in a dragged out sequence where Cameron Diaz is trying to charm her boss by doing a line of cocaine, while Jason Segel gets chased and attacked by a guard dog in the most unrealistic way possible. It comes across as more awkward and once the scenes over you end up angry knowing that it could’ve been solved if they did something earlier.

Speaking of iPad, this is one of the most shameless product placement I’ve seen for any movie…ever Jason Segel has about fifty different moments where he talks about the iPad and how awesome it is. There is even a scene where the two of them throw their son’s iPad out the window and there is a small shot where Jason Segel literally picks up the undamaged iPad off the ground and says something along the line of “the design of this is amazing!”. The product placement is not as bad as Transformers: Age of Extinction, but for one single product, it’s pretty bad. One minor thing that surprised me about the iPad product placement is that since this is a Sony movie, they don’t shamelessly plug their own products like they do in some of their other movies.

I did enjoy a few things in this movie, but that’s makes up the .01% of the movie that I like. Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper play Diaz and Segel’s best friends and whenever they are on screen, the movie became more tolerable. They aren’t in it that much but since I quickly became annoyed at Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, it was nice to find two people in this movie that I actually liked. The only time I really laughed was that line you see in the trailer where Jason Segel talks about how nobody understands how the Cloud works. It’s only a line, but it’s one of those small “it’s funny because it’s true moments”.

Outside of those tiny things I mentioned, there is no way I can recommend anyone to go see this movie. It’s longer than it needs to be, the jokes aren’t funny, and it’s just impossible to buy Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a married couple. One other thing that I can say about this movie is that it never offended me or made me angry. The movie is just boring and very predictable. It would again work great as a 30 minute comedy and not a 94 minute movie.

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