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Video game franchises have never been a sure bet with film audiences. There have been some franchises that done well financially, such as Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. While there have been a huge lists of video game adaptations that failed to hit the mark, ranging from Super Mario Bros to Prince of Persia. Well Warner Bros. is taking a different approach this time. They have optioned the classic stand-up arcade game from Midway, Space Invaders.

Warner Bros. has hired Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, Batman & Robin) to produce and to chaperon the film project through development. One of the advantages of adapting Space Invaders is that it has no plot. It was developed in 1978, by Tomohiro Nishikado and was one of the earliest shooting games created. The game was a revolutionary success when it hit arcades and eventually home consoles, such as the Atari 2600. The setup was simple, there is an alien attack of symmetrical beings, moving in symmetrical patterns towards the Earth. The player's duty was to shoot them before they touch down. The lack of a story or mythology to respect, allows Goldsman to simply find the best science-fiction script or writer he can. Then simply adapt a few scenes that remind viewers of the license to strum up nostalgia. Boom! You have an instant, soulless money-earner at the box-office. :)

Time will tell if this is the video-game adaptation that is both financially and critically successful. Once the screenwriter and director are brought on-board, we should have a clearer idea of the tone of the film. If you haven't played Space Invaders, or even if you have and want a refresher, check out this detailed breakdown:

Bringing video games to life is awesome!

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