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Ashley Brown

Well, first it was the animated movie, Hercules. Then you have the Kellan Lutz playing as Hercules in "The Legend of Hercules," and now. I got an early screening of the new Hercules, played by Dwayne Johnson. The movie itself is like watching the animated movie, Hercules in some ways. You see the newborn Hercules, you see in the beginning him at a young age killing 2 snakes proving he's Zeus's son, a battle with I'm guessing is the hydras. The take down of the male lion and the stories behind Hercule's strength is shown in this film. But, instead of him wanting to be a god, Hercules chose to fight battles, win money, then live in peace. But while this god, supported by his friends, who have supported Hercules since they were rescued by him. What strikes me from this film itself, is that while Hercules is strong, he seems to have the attitude of Thor. Even his team consist of Warrior's Three and Lady Sif, but with different names and different fighting styles. Atalanta, played by Ingrid Bolson Berdal is the Lady Sif of the bunch. Instead of talking about glory and honor, she talks about a boys treasure into the camp scene of the film, but her skill is less a sword and more bows and arrows, shes like Susan Pevensie and Katniss Everdeen, good with bow and arrow skills.

When Hercules is summoned to help a kingdom on the brink of war with centaurs, his nephew comes along wanting to fight. But during a scene where Hercules is looking at the ranks, he spots him and immediately pulls him out. The reason being is that Hercules is haunted by the memories of a killing spree that claimed the life of his wife and 3 children, which sparked a rumor amongst the troops. Whenever Hercule's tries to sleep, he's hunted by the 3 headed wolf who attacked his home, but seeing them after he went after a section of the kingdom well after giving up his gold to his friend. Hercules realizes it was his doing that caused this tragedy to happen. But the king was wanting to bring war and claim the world to himself, he was willing to go as far as killing Arius, who admires Hercules for his bravery.

One other character who I personal like other than Atalanta and Hercules is:

Amphiaraus, played by Ian McShane. What came to mine for me was this: Who revived him as the Black Beard pirated and gave him powers to see death? McShane is more of a adviser to Hercules and the group. At one point in the film, he sees his own death by the gods and it's by a arrow that is on fire. Another moment is when he's telling Hercules: "Are you a god or a man?" Sad to say, his visions are like Yukio's vision of death in The Wolverine. Hercule's saves him, while arrows miss Amphiaraus in two scenes of the whole film.

Arius, who admires Hercules was suppose to be king, but as a kid, he was suppose to play on. During the scenes this kid was around, he either was in a forbidden room or almost decapitated by the guards. When this movie comes to an end, you hear a roar of soldiers screaming out "Hercules."

It's like this, if your going into this movie for the first time, I would keep an open mind. If you've seen the Hercules that Kellan Lutz was in, then good luck. If you've seen the animated movie (which is the best one leading up to this new Hercules movie), then you'll see the resemblance of the animated version and a few other characters from other movies.


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