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I am so indifferent about a sequel to this one...

First off I would like to say, I loved this movie. I thought the movie was fantastic. Saying that I had not read the book before the movie came out. After finishing the first book and feeling like it was one of the greatest books I will ever read, I realised that the movie was a total mockery of the book.

It left out so much and put in stuff that never happened.

For instance the whole two names thing. If you haven't read the book yet I will try my hardest to explain this properly. So when a caster has their 16th birthday they find out what their real name before they are named by their parents. For example, Ridley's name before her sweet sixteenth was Julia.

Marian who was the librarian and Caster Librarian was cut out off the movie completely. Amma was never the Caster Librarian.

  A great quote from the book
A great quote from the book

Lena's party scene was completely changed. Ethan didn't go to that stupid re-enactment. He wasn't shot by Link. Macon did die for him but not like that. (READ THE BOOK).

Lena and Ethan also attended prom in the book where there was this kinda Carrie scene. Not the same but something got poured on her and ruined her dress. She didn't go mad and kill everyone though, unfortunately.

The whole Lena erasing Ethan's memory of her never happened. Sure it was heartbreaking in the movie but I don't know where they got that idea. (Probably from the Notebook or The Vow.)

Also Ridley's and Larkin's two sisters, Ryan and Reece, weren't in the movie.

Along with The Duchannes sisters, Ethan father wasn't in it. He doesn't appear in much scenes in the movies but when he does, sh!t happens.

I have to say though, I really like Alice Elgert (Lena) in the movie but I didn't really think she would look like that. I imagined her differently.

Like this:

  For some reason I want to show how I imagined her
For some reason I want to show how I imagined her

But saying that, Alice is not far off so well done.

I tried to find a better Ridley but I got stuck between

  This beauty
This beauty


  This lady.
This lady.

Ridley is described as having blonde hair in the book so I really think they should have included it in the movie.

Emmy Rossum is great and all but she's no lollipop sucking Ridley.

Apart from the looks, the acting was very good. Jeremy Irons was brilliant as always.

The greatest thing about the book was the quotes which weren't included in the movie.

  Aww cute
Aww cute

Sorry Richard LaGravenese, director and writer of screeplay, but it didn't go like that.


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