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On the big screen there are a lot of terrific costumes like Spider-Man, Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor, but what about the small screen? I'm going to countdown the (in my opinion) top 10 TV show superhero and supervillain costumes.
The following are mostly from 2 shows but a few more have been added from other shows.

10. Doomsday (Smallville)

For the small screen, in my opinion, this 'costume' was done really well, I know that most of it is make up but damn, this costume looks amazing.

9. Batman and Robin (Batman, 1966)

A lot of people are going to hate me for this one, but if you look here:
You'll notice that the resemblance between some of the old comics and the show are...well they're similar! I couldn't decide between the two caped crusaders so number 9 goes to...both of them!

8. Doctor Fate (Smallville)

I'm not entirely sure if I'm the only one who digs this costume...oh well, here it is. It's an absolutely amazing costume if you ask me, but the helmet is the real breath taker. Look at that thing.

7. Superman (Smallville, Season Nine)

Surprised? Me too. I was tossing up between this and the Huntress outfit from 'Arrow' but in the end I went with the costume I saw first and adored first. Even though it's not the red and blue we all wanted at the time, it matches the dark theme of Smallville's Season 9. This costume reminds me of some sort of outfit Zod would wear. Anyway. Moving on.

6. Roy (Arrow, Season 2)

In the final episode of season 2 of Arrow, we finally caught a glimpse at the costume for Speedy in Arrow, Although I believe in the next season he will get a little more than a hoodie and jeans, the costume still takes up sixth place on my list.

5. The Dark Archer (Arrow)

Keeping the 'archer' costumes alive, here at number 5 we have Arrow Season One main antagonist, The Dark Archer. He wore a black costume opposed to Green Arrow's Dark Green costume and covered up more of his face to actually keep his identity a secret, and by doing so, he actually kept his identity from several people throughout 'Arrow' unlike the Emerald Archer himself.

4. Black Canary (Arrow, Season 2)

I was deciding on whether this costume should be at five or four, but in the end I chose four. But your probably not reading this anyway because of the picture I provided above.

3. Deathstroke (Arrow, Season 2)

I was really, really, really unsure about having this costume so far up, but in the end I moved it from seventh place all the way to third. I am still wondering whether or not it should be at something like five.
But this costume is...well awesome. I mainly like the mask because it's f*cking awesome, but the rest of the costume too.

2. You decide? The Flash (2014) vs. The Flash (1990)

Hey! I couldn't decide! I mean, I like both, but I prefer the red on 1990. And the eye parts kinda look weird on 2014, but then the 1990 is bulky.
AHH! I don't know, so it's up to you. Vote below.



Which Flash costume is better?

1. Green Arrow (Arrow)

Yes! I love this costume! It's even better when he get's a mask! Yes it does reveal his face a lot, but who cares, it's awesome. I know the colour is muted much like the 2014 flash suit but...I like it. And so do a lot of people.

And that's that! What costume is your favourite? What did I miss?
Sorry Marvel, you just don't have that many costumes on screen (I haven't seen Agents of SHIELD yet, so bare with me


What costume is the best?


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