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As moviegoers and TV geeks, we have become - in time - a more smart, picky audience that demand better and smarter plots in the movies and shows we daily watch. And when someone gets to make an intelligent material, that takes the watcher to a whole new level of entertainment (Breaking Bad, The Wire, for example) it's just so freakin' amazing.

TV series have the opportunity of expanding a story and explore it with more time and space than a 2-hour movie, but even with this creative advantage, some shows pose intriguing questions to the audience, with the promise of an answer in future episodes. Answers that in lots of cases we don't have.

So, given the fact that I'm not the only one tormented by these questions, I'll post the 8 most intriguing -and unsolved- ones that TV shows made and never answered. Comment and share your comments at the end, dear readers!

1. What did Hal paint?

TV Show: Malcom In The Middle

Status: Unsolved

Theory: The show with Frankie Muniz has become a cult material in recent years, and it's not a very risky comment to say Malcom In The Middle is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. There's one chapter when Hal choses to resign his job and dedicate his time to his real passion: painting. However, ideas are not so clear inside Hal's mind, so he finishes making a 5 thousand litres painting. After an emotional speech by her wife, he makes an incredible art job... that we never get to see.

It's so awesome how the creators built the expectation of finally see Hal's work, making us wonder what could this lovely man could have done in the linen. Sadly, you can only imagine the result, the painting falls and it's finally destroyed.

2. The Hurley Bird

TV Show: Lost

Status: Unsolved

Theory: I know that this is not the only question that Lost writers left in the air, but it's maybe the one I really like to think about. Back in the first season, in one of the first hikes Jack makes into the island, there's a big, green and strange falcon that seems to scream Hurley's name. Towards the end of second season, the bird is shown again, in what could have been a hint that this plotline could be used in the future of the series. But it wasn't.

The most accepted theory is related to Horus, an egyptian deity that sometimes is represented as a green falcon. Horus' wife is called Hathor, a name that means "Horus Temple", and Egyptians used to represent her in a very similar way to that massive statue on the island. The Hurley's Bird could have been an early hint that past population on the island took Jacob as a God... or maybe Jacob was Horus himself.

3. The parents name

TV Show: The Fairly OddParents

Status: Unsolved

Theory: There isn't. During 13 years of cartoons, Nickelodeon has kept the identity of Timmy's parents as a secret. Every time we are near close to hear their names there's a sudden noise or action that makes us impossible to solve the question. That's why we just call them Mom and Dad.

4. How did Sherlock survive?

TV Show: Sherlock

Status: Unsolved

Theory: The shocking second season finale of BBC's production gave the ultimate Conan Doyle's Sherlock chapter a fresh and genius adaptation to TV. The iconic battle between Holmes and his eternal nemesis had been previously chosen as the end for Ritchie's A Game of Shadows, but it just hasn't the level of excellence that Steven Moffat version reached.

The third season began with a very alive Holmes trying to get in touch with his friend Watson, to explain him why he had to fake his death. However, Holmes gives us a very Jokerly way to re-create his fall, showing more than one theory of how he got alive.

But, the thing is, not only Sherlock survived that chapter. Moriarty is alive as well.

5. Will Heisenberg's sons receive the money?

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Status: Naively Solved

Theory: Series finale was excellent, and it's awesome to finally get a successful TV show that leaves no questions unsolved by plot holes. However, there are some actions that Walter White made which consequences we won't be able to see. At the beginning of the final season, we see how Walt finds his old Grey-Matter folks to ask them a "favor". The money that Walt got to rescue from all his tragedies will be eventually given to Flynn and Holly as a compensation from the company.

But, what will happen when Gretchen and Elliot find out that there is no threat if the don't give the money? Will they keep the promise? Will Walt's money get to the original purpose? Maybe Better Call Saul can properly answer this one.

6. 1013

TV Show: The X Files

Status: Solved

Theory: During the 9 seasons this sci-fi phenom had, there was a very recurrent number that kept fans making all kind of theories. 1013 was a numeric code that fit with the number of cell that Krycek used and the resolution the ONU took about the contact with alien species. However, the real answer to this code is quite simple and not so difficult to get: Chris Carter's (creator) birthday is on October 13th.

7. How did Homer go back to his dimension?

TV Show: The Simpsons

Status: Unsolved

Theory: In one of the most memorable Halloween Specials, Homer accidentally goes to a inter-dimensional bridge, and in the attempt of going back to his house, he ends up arriving to our dimension. It's quite exciting to talk about this episode, we have to remember that a lot of years a CGI/real action movie was rumored, but finally never done, and this chapter is our only glimpse to what a movie of thins kind would have looked.

But, if Homer is in this dimension, did he ever comeback to his? The most accepted answer is that this chapter, being a Halloween Special, is more like a free spin-off and it does not affect the normal course of the series. Just like it if it had not happened.

8. The origin of the plague

TV Show: The Walking Dead

Status: Unsolved

Theory: Robert Kirkman has declared that The Walking Dead is a story about the survival of Rick and his group after a zombie apocalypse, and that the production is not interested in using flashbacks to explain the origin of the outbreak. It's interesting that we have no real clues of how this began, and no one even talks about it!


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